Chocolate Trivia: Crush Your Chocolate Quiz Foe

Gain a healthy edge on your opponent with this chocolate trivia. Show how far you'll go to learn anything related to (about) your favorite food.

Minutiae munitions for your chocolate challenge.

Wow'em with facts so trivial they'll probably think you made 'em up!

Chocolate nicknames, tv shows, landmarks and more.

Not into competition? Just nuts about all things chocolate, like me?

Then just take a gander at all the ways you can work a little more into your life.

Absolutely calorie free!

Chocolate Trivia You Can't Live Without

So don't even try!  Start learning these fascinating facts.  Don't forget to take a look at the beautiful bittersweet breeds

Chocolate Animals -you might be surprised to discover how many creatures are covered in bittersweet beauty. Bunnies, bats, rats and wild cats, to name a few. Some perfect pets, others too wild, all dressed in chocolate. Take a look!

Chocolate Cats -adopt a beautiful dark brown feline. Bring one into your home and reap the health benefits of pet ownership. There are lots of breeds to choose from, it'll be a tough decision.

Race to the rescue. Consider going shelter shopping.

Chocolate Dogs- -want a cuddly canine companion? Or an active outdoor buddy? Think dark brown beauty. Adopt one today. There are plenty of great breeds to choose from. Save one!

Like puzzles? Enjoy a free online Chocolate Game.

Or a word search game.

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