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Mmmm...creating this Cadbury chocolate word search has stirred many great memories!

I ate many a Bournville bar during my months in Scotland!  Plus a few Dairy Milk were consumed in London.  Those were the days.

These days I have to buy them off Amazon.  Well, until I can return to the UK for a visit.

You may have consumed many of the candies found in this puzzle.  If so, lucky you!

Now it's time to choose...print or play online?

Print Yourself  A Cadbury Chocolate Word Search

Click on the puzzle.  Then click on the printer icon in the right-hand corner.

Solve the Word Game Online

Fewer clues makes this an easier version of the Cadbury Search. 

Follow the simple instructions.  Before you know it you'll have found all the answers!

No paper, ink or pens needed.  Just a keen eye to spy those words!

Feel free to play again and again until you achieve a great score.

Did solving the puzzle make you hungry? If so you can score some of those tasty treats for yourself!

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