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Basket with a chocolate bunny and Easter eggs.

Occupy the kids with one or more of these original, free coloring pages.

Keep them handy to tame the troops when you've had enough.

Get the Me time you deserve.

Pack some of these pages and crayons.

Take them along for instant entertainment and containment.

Keep the kids seated and serene (for a few minutes, anyway) with a fun page.

Or get in touch with your inner child.

Remember how much fun coloring used to be?

Relax and relive.

Coloring can be calming!

Enjoy the health benefits of creating your own chocolate masterpiece.

Free Coloring Pages For Kids And Adults

Come on in and color! Take a look at my collection of printable pages suitable for all ages.

Sure, kids love to color. But why encourage you to join them? Well, because...

Coloring Benefits

For Kids:

  • develops mental and motor skills
  • encourages creativity
  • teaches color recognition
  • relieves boredom

For Adults:

  • distracts kids (can't overemphasize this to caregivers)
  • relaxing activity
  • stimulates the brain
  • express feelings
  • entertainment for those recovering from accident or illness

It's a fun and inexpensive activity that anyone can do. No talent needed.

Plus it's a great way to bond with your babies.

See those tiny photos? Each of those "inspired" me to create a coloring sheet for your enjoyment.

You can refer to them for help. Or do your own thing.


Color with Cocoa

Shaded of chocolate palette.

Chocolate comes in many shades.  So why not color with cocoa?

Here's a chocolate palette with potential colors you can choose to use.

I think you'll find, since cocoa's always on my mind, that many of the coloring sheets are cacao centric. 

Ok, ok enough of my babbling...on to the reason for your visit!

Print Coloring Sheets

Easy Instructions for Printing

  1. Select a picture (photo below)
  2. Click on it
  3. On the coloring page (pdf) click the print button (printer icon)
  4. Have fun!

See those tiny photos? Each of those "inspired" me to create a coloring sheet for your enjoyment.

You can refer to them for help. Or do your own thing.

Below those pictures you'll find some holiday coloring pages!

Chocolate chip starfish.

Chocolate Chip Starfish

Hmmm, wonder how it got its name? Perhaps there's a little clue on this creature's back?

Found this great photo on Wikimedia Commons.

Thanks Steve Ryan for sharing it with the world.

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic

This prickly denizen of the deep is yours to color and keep!

Cocoa pod cut in half.

Cocoa Pod

Take a look at the insides of a cacao pod. This is a picture of a pod sliced in half vertically.

Those 5, sort of heart-shaped, things are the beans. They're covered
in a gummy, slimy, white pulp.

Look closely. You can see a little bit of brown bean peeking through the pulp.

cacao pods growing on cocoa tree from the gutenburge ebook  the food of the gods by brandon head

Cocoa Tree with Pods

This is a water color from The Project Gutenburg eBook of The Food of the Gods by Brandon Head.

See how the cocoa pods are growing on the lichen covered trunk of the tree?   That's one of the weird things about the chocolate tree

Most trees grow their fruit on their branches.  This strange tree produces pods on both.

Cacao Aztec Sculpture picture from Wikimedia Commons

Aztec Sculpture

Found this picture of an Aztec sculpture on Wikimedia Commons.   

Poor guy seems to have misplaced his feet. But he still has a firm grip on that cacao pod!

You can see he has some red/orange around around his mouth and on his cap(?).  I wonder if he had any other colors on him?

Time has dulled him but not his message. 

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Chocolate cupcake with white frosting.

Chocolate Cupcake with White Frosting

A yummy little cupcake that I thought would make a tasty coloring page.

Halloween Coloring Pages

Halloween coloring picture of a ghost in a cemetary.

Here are a few Halloween coloring sheets that I drew for you.  Well, with lots of help from photoshop and paint.net, that is!

Jack-o-lantern with cat.


That's my sweet cat posing with the pumpkin. I was barely able to snap this Halloween photo before his curiosity kicked in!

He says it's ok with him if you want to color him chocolate. Or his pumpkin partner, Jack The Lantern, who just happens to be full of chocolate, of course!

Thanksgiving Pictures

Hooray for Turkey Day!  The day it's ok to stuff yourself.  Friends, family, and a great meal.  Plenty to be thankful for. 

Hope this year has given you many reasons to give thanks.

I'm thankful for great visitors like you!  

And grateful for all the hardworking people who grow cocoa.  Without their labor we couldn't savor chocolate and its health benefits!

To them I dedicate my Cornucopia (Cocoacopia) and Turkey picture!

Cornucopia of Cocoa
Turkey coloring page.

Go to Wikimedia Commons to see the bird that "posed" for me.


Valentine Coloring Pages

Heart Coloring Sheets-Pick a paper heart to color and send to your favorite Valentine(s).  Several to choose from each with its own sentiment.  Show your love!

Easter Fun: Free Coloring Picture

Easter Coloring Pages-Here's a few Easter pictures for you to decorate.   A basket full of eggs or a hatching chick might just put a little pep in your step.  Why wait for winter to end? Bring a little Spring into your life now.

Chocolate Holidays

Here's a couple of free coloring pages to help you celebrate some very important days!! 

National Fudge Day (recipe)is the day we celebrate the invention of this awesome confection.  Of course, we all know dark chocolate is the best fudge flavor on the planet.  But you can color it milk or white!

National Chocolate Pudding Day (recipe) is when we celebrate that silky smooth treat we love to eat.  In a cup or in a pie, dip your spoon in and give it a try!

I hope you enjoy these free coloring pages as much as I do making them. Works of art? No. Not until you make them so!

Have any suggestions for new pages? Please use my Contact Me form. I'll see what I can do.

Please remember these are intended for your personal/noncommercial use only.

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