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You deserve a break, so take one. Play the chocolate game. Dive into this deliciously challenging puzzle and your troubles will soon melt away.

Only to be replaced with a new one. How the heck do you match up those chocolates to clear the level?

Practice. Command those chocolates, make them line up!

Go ahead, play with your food.

Take control of it and solve the puzzle. Have fun and make your mom proud. She'll forgive your faux pas.

House of Chocolates Free Online Puzzle Game

Sure, this game sounds easy enough. All you have to do is line up three or more pieces of candy in a row, turning those squares gold. But you've got to turn all the chocolate candy covered squares gold before time runs out!

But you're not going to let this puny puzzle get the better of you. You know you can do it. Make Mom proud.

Remember, when it gets tough the solution is staring you in the face. But will you see it before it's too late?

Don't strain your brain or your eyes. You can always try again!

You might be wondering how many levels to this puzzle. I don't know. There's at least 4, I'm still trying to get to level 5.

Got any chocolate game tips you want to share? Hope you enjoy this free online puzzle game as much as I do. No calories, no mess, just a bit of fun and relaxation.

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