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Chocolate word search puzzle with pen and chocolate bar.

Fun, printable chocolate word search puzzles! 

Can you track down all the terms related to your favorite food?  Could be a little tricky. 

Some words are diagonal, some are backwards, and some are unfamiliar.  But all are cocoa based.

Printable Word Search Puzzles

Valentine word search puzzle filled with chocolate words.

Valentine Word Search-29 tasty chocolate and other flavored treats make up this fun puzzle.  Heart shaped for that special day when we let our love show.  Share a copy of this game with your special someone!

Easter word search in the shape of a bunny's head.

Easter Word Search-this challenging word hunt is all about Easter!  Treats you hope you'll be finding on that day!  Chocolate rabbits, candy eggs, ducks, chicks, flowers, etc.  Spring things that celebrate life and rebirth!

Halloween word search in the shape of a pumkin.

Halloween Word Search-All the really tasty chocolate and fun candies you dream about.  The trick is to find your treats hidden in this jack-o-lantern shaped puzzle.

Word search puzzle of cocoa producers shaped like a cocoa bean.

Cocoa Producers-Do you know where cocoa beans come from? This puzzle contains the names of many of the cocoa producing countries. Plus the name of the only U.S. state that can grow the beans. Take a guess before you peek.

Chocolate companies word search game.

Chocolate Companies-How many chocolate manufacturers can you name? Here's some of the top companies from across the globe. Some will be familiar, some not. But I know you'll find them all!

Chocolate Making Equipment-Attention children of all ages! Ever wondered what it takes to make chocolate? Visit my chocolate factory puzzle. Find the words and discover what each of the machines does.

Hershey Chocolate word search puzzle.

Hershey Chocolate Candies-Do you have a favorite? Well, it may just show up in this puzzle. All the Hershey heavy hitters are listed here. Try not to drool on your paper as you search.

Cadbury chocolate word search in the shape of a shopping basket.

Cadbury Chocolate-This word search puzzle contains the names of many of Cadbury's yummy tempting treats.  I may have missed a few but I bet your sharp eyes will find all! 

Benefits of Word Finder Games?

Try one or more of these entertaining and free word games. Challenge yourself to solve it quickly. Or relax and take your time.

Great for the kids too. They can hone their reading and vocabulary skills.

Can't leave the senior citizens out! Games like these can be vital to their well being.

Word scrambles like these can actually benefit your brain!

How? A University of Berkeley study seems to show that playing games exercises your brain and slows the build up of a protein in the brain that's associated with Alzheimers.

Play today and keep Alzheimer's at bay? Maybe.

Use it and you might not lose it!

Sharpen your brain on these fun chocolate themed games.

Nibble On Some Dark Chocolate While You Solve!

Why not put the health benefits of dark chocolate to work.  Nibble on some  while puzzling.

A boost of energy, increased visual acuity and better blood flow just might make your word searching a little easier.

It'll definitely make it more fun!

Don't let your brain decay. Challenge it with entertaining word search puzzles. Keep it fit, trim and tuned in. Give it a shot at avoiding rot with a word hunt. Kick in some dark chocolate health benefits to increase your chance of success.

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