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How to videos to help take the guess work out of making and baking chocolate. See how cocoa beans are harvested, processed and turned into chocolate.

Then learn to turn cocoa and baking squares into delicious homemade desserts. Don't hope you're doing it right anymore.

See the process before you try it. View the video first.

It's always easier to do after you see how. Glean the knowledge, learn the skills and gain some confidence.

Then bake it and beam with pride.

Check Out These Cooking Videos!

Chocolate Cheesecake -don't fret. You bet you can make a homemade cheesecake. It's much easier than you may think. Learn how and then you can forget the factory and pocket the savings. See how it's done in this cooking video!

Easy Chocolate Mousse-here's a little help in case the idea of making a mousse has you on edge.  It's really not difficult to do.  See how.  Soon you'll be spooning a chocolate cloud.

Chocolate Chip Cookies -learn how to make 'em and then bake 'em. Don't worry, the video will guide you through. You, your family and friends will enjoy these delicious homemade cookies. Way better than those crumbly creations out of a bag!

German Chocolate Cake -with a little video assistance, anyone can learn to bake this cake. Take a peak. This delicious cake takes a little more effort. But oh...those three layers of luscious, light cake are worth it!

The cake's not complete without that fabulous frosting! Learn to make it with this short video. It's the icing on the cake that makes this dessert special.

Now you know how to make them both!

Harvesting Cocoa Beans -first step in the chocolate making process. Just how are they gathered? See for yourself. This very short video illustrates the age old method still in use today. It's like taking a free trip to the jungle!

How Is Chocolate Made? -Jacques Torres' sexy French accent is a you say?...distracting. But the video will satisfy your curiosity about the process. He takes you from bean to bar. Plus there's a written summary in case his dreamy accent overwhelms you.

Let these how to videos be your guide to the wonderful world of chocolate making and baking. Now you can do it too. Believe me, your family and friends will appreciate your efforts. If they don't, they must not be true chocolate lovers!

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