Exactly How is Chocolate Made? See for Yourself

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How is chocolate made? Curios? Ever wonder what it takes to turn cocoa beans into a bar of bittersweet bliss?

Don't wonder. Watch the video.

Jacques Torres, famous chocolatier, takes you through the fascinating chocolate manufacturing process.

Step by step.

Get an eyeful of dark chocolate and an earful of Jacques sexy French accent.

That's an intense combination.

Ohhh, you'll enjoy it. This video will satisfy your craving for knowledge.

But it may cause other cravings to intensify. 

Don't worry about Jacques Torres' sexy accent making your mind wonder.

There won't be a test. But there will be a summary. Reading it won't be near as appealing.

Making Chocolate Video

Want to see the prequel first? Before you can make chocolate you have to process the cocoa beans . See how it's done.

Not interested in the beans? Fair enough!

Then go ahead watch and enjoy this video. It's really interesting.

You get to see many of the processing machines in action.  And view the changes that the chocolate goes thru.

Please keep your fingers to yourself!  You will be tempted to reach out and scoop up a sample.  Oh, it looks so tasty!

Neither Jacques nor I are responsible for machine mangled fingers.

Ok, you've been warned. You assume the risk.

Now h-e-e-e-e-e-r-'s Jacques....

Chocolate Making Steps

Here are the many steps for making chocolate in case you missed any...

  1. Clean beans (fermented and dried by grower)
  2. Roast
  3. Cool
  4. Winnower cracks beans and removes shell
  5. Grinder turns nibs into liquid
  6. Add sugar
  7. Mixer combines the two
  8. Refiner smooths mixture
  9. Conch removes bitterness
  10. Add cocoa butter and soy lecithin
  11. Tempering for gloss and hardness
  12. Injector puts exact amount of chocolate into mold
  13. Bubbles removed from mold
  14. Refrigerated to harden
  15. Removed from mold
  16. Wrapped by machine

Not nearly as satisfying as when Jacques describes it, is it.

C'est la vie!

But it was interesting, no?   Yes?

Makes me hungry for chocolate!  How about you?

Now you know one reason why chocolate is expensive.  Did you know it was that time consuming to make?

Does Jacques' video Beans to Bar answer your how is chocolate made inquiry satisfactorily? Or does it leave you wanting more?

Want to try some of J. Torres hot chocolate?

Interested in a word search game?  Then try this chocolate making equipment puzzle.

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