Hot Chocolate Recipes: Dark or Light

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Chase the cold away with one of these hot chocolate recipes. Like it dark and delicious? Or do you prefer it light and luscious?

Have it your way!

Make it spicy hot, sugary sweet, with cinnamon, or add your favorite extract.

Customize your cocoa.

Play with the recipe till it pleases your palate.

Here are some basic dark, not so dark, sugar free, Mexican style and white chocolate recipes to get you started.

You don't need an expensive hot chocolate machine to make a satisfying cup of cocoa.

Choose Your Recipe

Easy Mexican Hot Chocolate -make this delicious drink quickly and easily with Ibarra authentic Mexican chocolate. Make it hotter with some chili pepper! Go old school with this ancient and interesting twist.

Homemade Mexican Hot Chocolate Recipe -make it from scratch. Enjoy a little south of the border flavor without leaving home. Warm up to this simple recipe for a tongue tingling beverage. Or leave out the cayenne and focus on the cinnamon and vanilla!

Sugar-free Hot Chocolate -make a tasty cup without sugar. If you're cutting down on the sweet stuff or are diabetic, you can still enjoy hot chocolate!

White Hot Chocolate -a cup of hot chocolate without any chocolate in it? Well, none of that tasty brown stuff. That can't be right! Or can it?

Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate -how about some peanut butter in your hot chocolate? Make a rich and creamy beverage that combines these two great flavors. It's not your ordinary cup of chocolate!

Make Flavored Hot Chocolate

Want to liven up your hot drink a little?

How about peppermint hot chocolate? Add a drop or two of peppermint extract or some crushed peppermint candies to taste.

Or maybe a hint of orange? Add a drop or two of orange extract.

Or turn your chocolate into an adult beverage. If you are of legal age, you can add some...

  • Peppermint Schnapps
  • Your favorite orange flavored liqueur like Cointreau
  • Kahlua

If you're not old enough, wait till you are. Stick to the extract or candy additions till then!

Try one or all of these recipes. Nothing tastes better when it's cold outside. Warm up your insides with a hot and tasty drink. No expensive hot chocolate machines or packets of powder needed!

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