What is Dark Chocolate?

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Delicious! Oh, you mean what is dark chocolate? Like what's it made of and how is it different from the other chocolates?  Well...

It's a complex substance made from cocoa beans which contain over 300 chemicals.

Chemicals that deliver its many health benefits like increased blood flow and protection from free radicals.

Bittersweet can be nutritious and healthy when you know what to look for. But it's also calorie dense.

It's tasty, but complicated. So learn a little about it to ensure you get the most out of it.

About Dark Chocolate

Ingredients -it's mainly cocoa beans broken down into their elements. Then recombined in an assortment of tasty ways with other ingredients. Learn what's allowed in real chocolate and what's not.

Best DC -learn which ingredients are found in really good candy. Shop smart!

Dark Cocoa -is powdered chocolate. You'll want to use this versatile powder in drinks, baked goods, and meat dishes. Use it in place of baking chocolate. Adds flavor or color to a meat dish without imparting a cocoa flavor.

Baking Chocolate -this is, of course, perfect for baking. But which brand should you choose? Well, how picky are you and how much can you spend?

DC Chips -these chips may be small but they deliver lots of flavor. Don't think they're just for cookies, they're good in anything. You can even eat them by themselves.

Nutrition -sure it's got more calories and fat than you'd like. But you may be surprised to find out that it has some vitamins and minerals too.

Good for You -you already know that it's good for you, right? Want to know how to zero in on the healthiest bittersweet candy bar?

vs Milk Chocolate -it's no contest, it's superior in every way! Ok, except maybe in the creaminess department. But that creaminess comes with a price, find out what it is.

White Chocolate -Is it really a member of the family? Find out why it pales in comparison to the dark, delicious stuff.

What is it? Turns out the answer is more complex than most people know. But there's no need to worry. Just learn the few things that differentiate the healthy from the junk and enjoy.

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