Dark Chocolate Cocoa: Powdered Chocolate with Potential!

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Dark chocolate cocoa is what's left after most of the cocoa butter has been squeezed out of liquid chocolate. It's dry but it can be made into a dish that's sure to whet your appetite.

Dish of dark chocolate cocoa powder.

One taste and you'll be hooked.

You'll be using this versatile powder in beverages, baked goods, or even meat dishes.

Use it instead of baking chocolate.  Add it to meat dishes to ratchet up the richness.

It's so handy you'll find countless ways to enjoy it. It's delicious and easy to use, need I say more?

Not convinced yet, find out more below.

Unsweetened Dark Chocolate Cocoa Powder

There are two types of this handy powder because there are two processing methods.

Natural cocoa powder is made from cocoa beans that are fermented, dried, roasted, shelled, and ground into liquid chocolate.

Then most of the cocoa butter is removed leaving a cocoa cake that is pulverized. The resulting powder is brown with a strong chocolate flavor.

Dutch process cocoa is produced much the same way. The key difference is that the liquid chocolate is treated with alkali to reduce the acidity. This mellows the flavor and deepens the color.

Then there's Hershey'®s Cocoa Special Dark™, it's a combination of both types. It's a very dark, almost black, cocoa powder.

Which type is the healthiest? Go to cocoa powder to find out.

All this powdered chocolate just waiting for you to use it. So why not?


Can't eat it straight out of the can because it's way too bitter (I've tried it, it'll gag you).

You have to combine it with something to turn it into a mouth-watering treat.

Try it in...

  • breads
  • cakes
  • frosting
  • dessert sauces
  • fillings
  • cookies
  • pies
  • pudding
  • ice cream
  • candy making
  • poultry/meat dishes-adds a richer flavor and deeper color to sauces or pan juices
  • beverages
  • or simply sprinkle it on as a garnish

The thought of using it in poultry/meat dishes sounded terrible to me. But once I tasted it, I loved it.

Don't worry, it doesn't give the dish a chocolate flavor.

Try rolling cookie dough in some before you bake it to give the cookies a chocolate boost.

Or you can use it to gradually develop a taste for darker chocolate by slowly increasing the amount of cocoa in your favorite recipe.

Train your taste buds!

Cocoa Powder to Chocolate

It's so handy it can be used as a substitute for unsweetened baking chocolate.

For each ounce of baking chocolate needed just mix together...

  • 1 tablespoon of fat-oil, margarine, or butter and
  • 3 level teaspoons of cocoa powder

There's no need to melt it, so it's easier to use than other types of chocolate.

Shelf Life

No need to refrigerate it. Just store it in a container with a tight fitting lid. It'll stay fresh for years, but you'll probably use it up long before that!

Let's just say I've never had to throw any away.

Where to Buy Dark Chocolate Cocoa

Check the baking aisle of your favorite grocery store for the big national brands. Or go to the health food store for organic or vegan cocoa.

But the best bet is the internet, you'll find a huge selection. Try several brands of dark chocolate cocoa powder.

Each has its own flavor with subtle differences based on the blending of the cocoa beans.

So don't delay, get some of this healthy and delicious dark chocolate cocoa. Get mixing and taste what you've been missing. Plus get those health benefit bringing antioxidants!

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