Father's Day Gift Ideas for Those Low on Dough

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Need father's day gift ideas that won't bust your budget? Here's a few I came up with that are cheap and easy to make.

And of course they include some dark chocolate.

Most of the items can be found at a Dollar Tree™ store.

So even the kids can afford to buy dad a gift. Or make one.

Don't give him another tie (unless it's made of chocolate). Give him something he can use and enjoy.

You don't have to spend a lot to show dad how much you love him.

Cheers Dad!

Does dad have a favorite beverage? Buy him a glass or mug for his ...

  • coffee
  • tea
  • soda
  • beer
  • martini
  • wine
  • cocktail
  • margarita
Fathers day gift of chocolate filled drinking glasses.

Fill it with his preferred chocolate candy pieces or bite-size bars. It's two gifts in one.

Once the candy is gone, he can use the glass to enjoy his favorite liquid refreshment.

Buckets of Fun

Is dad a do it yourselfer? Give him some help.

Buy him a pail and fill it up with car care items like...

  • tire shine
  • wipes
  • upholstery cleaner
  • a duster
  • a bottle of car wash
  • microfiber mitts, sponges or towels
  • air fresheners
  • brake or power steering fluid
  • gas treatment
  • fuel injector cleaner

Or pack it with handy man items like...

  • electrical, duct or masking tape
  • screwdriver set
  • super glue
  • tape measure
  • flash light
  • gloves
  • sandpaper
  • safety goggles
  • filter mask
  • drop cloth

Put in whatever you think he needs and your budget will allow. Don't forget to throw in some dark chocolate candy or energy bars.

He's going to need them!

You could even include a list of things that need to be done around the house. You know, just a few helpful hints.

Father's Day Crafts

Get the kids involved in these father's day gift ideas. Let them decorate the glass or pail.

Or bake dad some chocolate brownies, chocolate chunk cookies or chocolate chip cookies.

Get a box, plastic container or desk organizer and let the kids decorate it. They could...

  • use stickers
  • cut out pictures from magazines
  • photos of themselves
  • funny photos of dad
  • pictures from a favorite vacation
  • color or paint pictures of things they like to do with dad

Put the homemade chocolate goodies in the one-of-a-kind container. Add a homemade card and there you have it! A great gift made with love.

Tell dad you love him with one of these father's day gift ideas. Throw in some 70% cocoa dark chocolate for the health benefits. After all you want him around and healthy, don't you? Show how you feel without spending a great deal!

Have a little more to spend?  Rather buy than craft a Father's Day gift?

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