Harmful Effects of Chocolate? Sometimes Healthier to Skip Dark Chocolate

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Are the effects of chocolate always healthy? No, as much as it pains me to admit it, sometimes it's better to skip the dark chocolate.

Fortunately, there are relatively few reasons to avoid it.

Chocolate contains lots of chemicals.

Some can aggravate certain medical conditions or sicken your pet.

Others you may want to avoid putting in your body.

Learn about these potential drawbacks before you decide to add dark chocolate to your diet.

Check Before You Chew

Dark Chocolate Caffeine -how much is in there? Not a lot but it just might be enough to cause you a problem. Learn why you may need to factor it in.

Chocolate Lead Content -yep, the heavy metal is in your favorite treat. Should you be worried about it? Probably not. But...

Drug Interactions -it's just candy, right? Not if you're taking certain prescription drugs. Dark chocolate may interfere with your medications. Don't discount this potential problem. Do you need to ban the bar?

Chocolate Bad For You? Health Check -did you know it can aggravate or even cause some health problems? Make sure you aren't pursing benefits and ending up ill instead. Check out whether cocoa is right for you!

Chocolate Addiction -is it real? Do you need to avoid cocoa? Don't fret it just seems like you can't live without it. Why are you so attached to it then?

You've done your homework on the potential negative effects of chocolate. Now you can avoid it, if you must, or enjoy it with no worries.  Well, worry about the potential weight gain.  Don't enjoy it too much!

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