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The best chocolates in life are not free. Gourmet chocolate, the best of the best, will put your wallet to the test.

Want to try fine flavor beans with a floral or woody essence?

Gourmet will give you that.

Refined flavors encased in elegant wrappers and boxes fit for connoisseurs. Or anyone who wants the best.

Godiva, Valrhona, Callebaut and others use the finest ingredients and master craftsmanship to turn out exquisite confections.

Single origin, estate, rare cocoas, expensive fruits and nuts are essential ingredients in gourmet dark chocolate.

And the price will reflect that.

Expensive, yes. But a tiny taste is affordable.

Callebaut -gourmet chocolate makers who put an emphasis on healthy. They've developed a special process that protects the flavanols without sacrificing taste. And more...

Harry and David -try these guys when you need to send/give the gift of chocolate. They've got baskets, boxes and towers full of goodies. Send one to your favorite chocoholic, even if it's you!

Godiva Chocolate -famous and expensive. Quality candies with a touch of class included in every box. They're likely to satisfy your naked desire for bittersweet. Take a peek!

Valrhona Chocolate- -please your discerning palate with some fine French chocolate. Luxurious dark chocolate carefully crafted like a fine wine with unique flavors. Made from the top of the cocoa crop.

Want to live a little? Splurge on some gourmet treats. Taste the exotic flavors of bittersweet's jungle home. Find out what the connoisseurs are cooing about. You could find yourself homesick for Hershey's. Or hooked and happy to shell out more to feed your new habit.

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