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Everyone's heard of Godiva Chocolate, haven't they? You may not have tasted it but you know the name.

It arouses a sense of elegance and quality.

A certain mystique surrounds it.

Named after a legendary lady, you expect it to be something special.

Strip away the elegant packaging and you're left with a great piece of chocolate.

You can taste the premium ingredients.

I did when I tried Gems, a line of  Godiva truffles.

It will cost you more a little more to sample or send.

But your purchasing fine chocolate, gifts and favors with exceptional name recognition and sophistication.

Go ahead splurge on yourself or someone very special.

The chocolate speaks for itself. Everyone will know you know.

Godiva Chocolate History

Where did it all begin? In Brussels, Belgium in 1926.

The company was established by Joseph Draps, expert chocolatier, to sell his line of fine chocolates.

Why name his company after the legendary figure? He felt her singular spirit symbolized his superior chocolates.

Godiva galloped on to the scene and, like the lady, made quite a lasting impression.

The company expanded to Paris in 1958, then the UK, Italy and Germany. Finally arriving in the United States in 1966.

Now in exclusive stores in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Turkey.

Specialty Chocolates

The famous name may draw in the customers. But the naked truth is it's the premium ingredients that keep them coming back.

Taste trumps.

The Godiva chocolatiers use mainly fine flavor cocoa beans to make their dark and milk chocolate.

Heavy cream, butter, first quality nuts, specially dried fruits, natural raspberry and cherry juice are used in the fillings according to the company's web site.

Combine these gourmet elements with the chocolatier's skill and what do you get?

A delicious piece of fine chocolate in the Belgian tradition.

Like solid milk, white or dark chocolates, or filled with ganache, caramel, nuts or fruits.

Or terrific truffles with ice cream flavored centers, key lime or liqueur.

You can't stay at the top if your product is a flop.

Wedding and Party Chocolate Favors

Throwing a big do? Need some tasteful gifts for the wedding party or guests? Give them something to remember.

Godiva chocolate favors.

Choose from 2 or 4 piece boxes of chocolate. The candy comes in classic gold or white boxes decorated with ribbon. You can even personalize them.

Or for something extra special select the candy shaped like a miniature wedding cake.

Why not celebrate with cigars? No, not those stinky ones.

Milk chocolate cigars. They have a band and come in a box like the real deal.

Gourmet Chocolate Gifts

Want to show someone how much you care? Give them gourmet chocolates. Godiva chocolate gift baskets make a great treat for almost every occasion.

Gifts for...

  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Business
  • Sympathy
  • Apology
  • Thank you
  • Get well
  • Summer
  • Spring

Towers, boxes, bags or baskets filled with an assortment of candies, bars, pretzels, coffee, baking mixes, tins of hot cocoa mix, etc.

A huge selection of fine gifts that should please any chocolate lover.

They even have a chocolate of the month club. Choose a 6 or 12 month gift for that extra special person.

You really have to see them for yourself. They're a little pricey but oh so nicey!

Chocolate Martini Fan?

You're going to need some dark chocolate liqueur to make the perfect chocolate martini.

Ask for Godiva Original Liqueur.

They also make white chocolate, mocha, milk chocolate, and caramel milk chocolate liqueurs.

Available at bars, restaurants, and liquor stores.

Godiva Chocolate Cupcakes and More

Check out the irresistible baked goods.

They offer cupcakes filled with chocolate ganache. Covered with chocolate or vanilla frosting and topped with a piece of chocolate candy.

How about some chocolate coconut macaroons, or chocolate ganache layer cake? Or cookies covered with a thick layer of milk or dark.

Maybe some bittersweet fudge brownies are what you've been craving, they make 'em.

Godiva Chocolate Delivery?

Don't have an upscale store or boutique nearby? Need it delivered?

Most everything is available online except the liqueur products. In case of dire chocolate emergency, you can even get your order delivered overnight.

But you'll pay for the privilege, so what else is new?

Godiva Chocolates, gourmet and classy candies, gifts, wedding and party favors. Tasty and tasteful, known for being a step above. Could be just what you need to impress and satisfy the discerning dark chocoholic.

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