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FREE listing in this Directory for websites or off-line businesses selling healthy dark chocolate products. Click here to quickly and easily add your site or business to the Healthy Chocolate Directory.

Searching for chocolate in all the wrong places? Healthy chocolate directory is the right place.

Your place for dark organic, vegan, or raw chocolate.

No need to look all over the web for the healthy chocolate you seek. It's here.

Just need a little information about chocolate? Not familiar with the different types and terms?

Click on the handy links to learn more.

You'll find what you're looking for whether you're a card carrying dark chocoholic like me or a newbie.

Dark Chocolate Lovers or DC Wannabees

If you're a lover of dark chocolate, chances are you already know there are many types of healthy dark chocolate.

So you can just jump down to the different categories and find your favorite.

But if you're a dc wanna-be, you may need a little help. You've probably heard that all dark chocolate is bitter. Not true!

Check out Healthy Dark Chocolate Choices from Mild to Wild . Learn about the sweeter side, if you're not ready to plunge into the dark end of the pool.

Eat your way sloooowly to the dark and healthy.

Let the healthy chocolate directory be your guide.

Once you've joined the dark side you're going to want to know more. You and your taste buds are going to want to test drive some of these. Click on these links to learn more.

Now you're ready to jump down to the listings below (sorry some are still thinking about linking, hope to have more soon!) to find you're favorite.

Feel free to leave feedback about your shopping experience. Share your insight or air your complaints. Let other visitors know what you think.

Just keep the language clean and the statements non-defamatory.

Healthy Chocolate Categories

Chocolate lover choose your favorite from these healthy chocolate categories.

On those pages you'll find the companies listed near the bottom of the page.  Click the link(s) to see what they have to offer.

List Your Company in the Healthy Chocolate Directory

It's a big wild web out there with thousands of people selling chocolate. But you sell the healthy stuff, right? Full of good ingredients.

No website? No problem!

Many of your potential customers find my web site everyday. They arrive hungry for knowledge and healthy chocolate products like yours. List in this directory.

How about a free page(s), designed by you, describing your healthiest dark chocolate products?

Please take the time to create a well written page. You can even include photos to enhance your page.

With this page you can...

  • Get found!
  • Increase your presence on the web for free or create a presence
  • Make your quality products known to a targeted audience

Your customers will be able to leave comments about their shopping experience on your page(s). Make them happy and their comments may just inspire the confidence to buy in others.

A listing in the Healthy Chocolate Directory is absolutely free, no strings attached. But feel free to link back to this directory page or any page on this site, if you think your visitors will find it useful.

But no link is required.

Time's wasting, go ahead and claim your free directory page today. There are lots of potential customers looking for your products.

Give them another opportunity to find your site or bricks and mortar business.

Use the form below if you sell a product that fits best in the broad category of healthy.

Or organic, vegan, or raw, if that best describes your chocolate business.

List Your Healthy Dark Chocolate Business for Free

Do you sell healthy dark chocolate products that are not organic, sugar free, vegan, kosher or raw? Then this is the place for you to tell the world for free.

Please fill out the form below with all your important details.

The purpose of this directory is to help you get found. So why not get started now?

Healthy Dark Chocolate Businesses

Click on a listing below to see a description of each company's products, to leave comments or to read comments from other visitors to this page...

Chocolate Traders Not rated yet
Handmade artisan chocolates for any occasion. Buy online with free standard delivery within NZ on orders over $50. View our chocolate range including corporate …

Chocolate Post Not rated yet
Chocolate Post offers a wide range of chocolate for all tastes. For the dark chocolate lovers we offer the following products by Ocho: - Ocho Horopito …

ChocolateMantra Not rated yet
Chocolate Mantra offers wide range of chocolates for Indian customers. It is online website, we deliver chocolates to all over India. We offer over …

JaesXocai Not rated yet
Most commercial chocolate is anything but unprocessed. Chocolate treats found on store shelves lose their healthy benefits from over processing such …

Mommy and the Chocolate Factory Not rated yet
Mommy and the Chocolate Factory is a chocolate manufacturing company. We provide imported truffles available in various flavours along with attractive …

The Chocolate Nation  Not rated yet
When you crave healthy dark chocolate take a trip to the chocolate nation. The chocolate nation is the premier online marketplace for the best artisan …

Dr. Sharone LOVES Chocolate Not rated yet
In the 1973 sci-fi comedy film, SLEEPER, people in 2173 were appalled to learn that chocolate was not part of a healthy diet at the end of the 20th Century. …

Xocai Healthy Chocolate Not rated yet
Dr. Laurence H. Stone Independent Distributor of Xocai Healthy Chocolate writes... People often wonder why a dentist would be promoting chocolate? …

Click here to write your own.

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