How is Kosher Dark Chocolate Different?

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Can kosher dark chocolate help you to meet your special dietary needs? Yes, if your health (physical or spiritual) depends on knowing what won't be hiding in your chocolate.

Take advantage of the strict standards that ensure the chocolate contains no hidden animal and/or unclean ingredients.

You'll enjoy it more knowing you haven't violated your diet.

Find out more about it below.

Is Dark Chocolate Kosher Dairy or Pareve?

Kosher Dietary Law requires that dairy and meat products be completely separate. Foods must be classified as meat foods, dairy foods, and pareve (neutral) foods.

Ok, so what does this have to do with chocolate? It means that dark chocolate must be labeled as either...

  • Kosher Dairy-the candy contains a small amount of milk or milk fat or was processed on machinery that processes dairy
  • OR
  • Pareve-contains neither dairy nor meat products.

And that helps how?

You won't have to worry about hidden dairy or anything derived from pork, insects or other unclean/prohibited sources.

Unclean ingredients aren't allowed in kosher products.

Whew, what a relief if you're trying to avoid those things.

Certifying Marks

How do you know if it's kosher chocolate? Look for the symbol of the certifying agency on the packaging.

The symbol should contain the letter K, U or the word kosher. Don't be fooled by the letter K used alone. It's not a valid kosher certification.

These marks guarantee that production has been strictly supervised and the chocolate meets all kosher standards.

Who Can Benefit from Kosher Certification?

Anyone who wants to know more about what they're eating. But those exacting kosher standards and classifications are especially useful to people following special diets such as...

  • Jews-who wish to follow the dietary laws
  • Muslims- who don't want to eat any prohibited ingredients and can't find Halal-certified products
  • Lacto-ovo-vegetarians-who don't want to eat any meat products
  • The lactose intolerant-sufferers can be sure that there are no dairy products present

And any other dieter who wants to avoid these ingredients should consider kosher chocolate.

Kosher dark chocolate can make adhering to your diet easier. It can simplify your search for proper products. Don't allow yourself to miss out on the information the certifications convey.

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