Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate
What Can It Do For You?

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Need to know about the health benefits of dark chocolate? Of course you do. It's chocolate and it can help improve your health, duh! Discover why bitter is better for your health.

You won't find a tastier way to promote a healthy cardiovascular system, improve your skin or soothe your cough.

And the list of benefits will continue to grow.

Can chocolate do something for you?

Harvard Study on Health Benefits of Chocolate

Good news chocolate lovers! Twenty-four studies into the health benefits of chocolate were reviewed by Harvard researchers in 2011.

As a result of their analysis, they confirmed these health benefits of dark chocolate with a high cocoa content (70% or more)...

  • reduces blood pressure
  • increases good (HDL) cholesterol and slightly decreases bad (LDL) cholesterol
  • increases insulin sensitivity

Stay tuned for further confirmation of benefits in the future!

See What a Little Chocolate a Day Can Help to Chase Away!


Dark Chocolate and Heart Health -learn how it can help to reduce your risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Your arteries will be glad you did. Delicious and nutritious, this healthy chocolate could help to keep your ticker from missing a beat. But don't overdo it, mind those calories and fat!

Reduce Blood Pressure -Swedish study shows dark chocolate acts as ACE inhibitor! Yes, it can reduce that nasty old blood pressure raising enzyme about as well as prescription ACE drugs. Nice benefit!

Pre-eclampsia- reduce your chances of developing this serious pregnancy complication. Bittersweet battles this potentially dangerous problem. Protect your baby and yourself. Ask your ob/gyn if dark chocolate is ok for you.


Dark Chocolate is Good for Skin -now that's a natural skin care product you can really enjoy! Will one of your favorite treats enhance and protect your skin? Check it out, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Hair Removal -choose a product that contains cocoa extract. You'll benefit from the natural anti-inflammatory property of the cocoa bean. Wax with less discomfort and enjoy the delicious aroma of chocolate.

Better Benefits of Dark Chocolate: More Nutritious Nosh? 

Professor Afoakwa, University of Ghana, and team have discovered that storing cocoa beans for 7 days has a beneficial effect on the antioxidant content. 

He also found that roasting the beans longer at a lower temperature increased the antioxidant action. 

Better for you chocolate coming soon?  Sounds like more benefits to the bite without increasing the calories or changing the taste!  WOOHOO!


Cough Remedy -one of the best known is codeine. Try something that is safer, more effective and a whole lot more fun! This bittersweet chocolate is so tasty you'll almost hope to develop a cough!

Dark Chocolate and Diabetes -discover how it may help in the fight against this growing health problem. You couldn't find a more delectable way to combat it!

Boost Your Immune System -the ultimate reason (excuse) to really enjoy a little chocolate. This benefit is not dependent upon cocoa content. Don't fear the food police, science has your back!

More Dark Chocolate Health Benefits -more great news! This time it's your eyes and brain that can get a boost from cocoa flavanols. Read about these benefits of dark chocolate!

Another Benefit of Dark Chocolate? British researchers seem to have found one. Their study showed that symptoms of chronic fatigue were reduced in study participants. Can dark relieve the misery of CFS? Shows promise!

Dark Chocolate Antioxidants -need a new ally in your fight against aging and disease? Enlist these powerful antioxidants.

Theobromine -is a close relative of caffeine but isn't as widely known. Find out how it can impact your body. Learn 2 reasons you may want to avoid it.

Chocolate High -What? It contains mood altering anandamide, phenylethylamine, and tryptophan. They're powerful brain changing chemicals. Should you be worried?

These are only a taste of things to come. No doubt more health enhancing properties of dark chocolate will be discovered, as it reveals its darkest secrets. I know I can't wait to have more excuses, I mean valid scientific reasons, to eat it. How about you?

Check out the Effects of Dark Chocolate to make sure it's safe for you

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