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Want your cough remedy to be safe and pleasant tasting? Then choose dark chocolate and get relief.

Dark chocolate's theobromine has been proven to be more effective than over-the-counter remedies and codeine.

But it has shown none of the unwanted side effects, making it a better, safer cough remedy.

Sure tastes a lot better than the usual medicine too. Almost makes you look forward to having a cough...almost.

So read more below about another benefit of the dark side.

Theobromine More Effective

Cough driving you nuts? Don't run to the pharmacy aisle, head for the candy instead.

Pick up some high-quality dark chocolate and let the theobromine soothe your cough.

Research done in Europe has shown that it is more effective than the common remedies dextromethorphan and codeine.

Compared to codeine, theobromine was about 33% more effective. It acts to suppress the nerve responsible for coughing.

None of the Usual Unwanted Side Effects

Dark chocolate doesn't cause any of the unwanted cardiovascular and nervous system side effects other treatments can.

Dextromethorphan and codeine can cause you to feel...

  • restless
  • nervous
  • lightheaded
  • dizzy
  • or drowsy

Without these unwanted side effects, it's safe to use while driving or operating heavy machinery.

It has the potential to be the source of new, safer cough treatments.

Update: Now there's a cough treatment with cocoa in it!  You may want to try Dr. Cocoa Cough Medication.

How Much do I need to Take?

The research showed that 1000 mg of theobromine could effectively suppress a cough for 4 hours.

That's roughly 2 ounces of cocoa-rich dark chocolate.

Ok, I guess there's one potential unwanted side effect. Weight gain.

You might want to save this cough remedy for that really annoying cough. Two ounces of dark chocolate every 4 hours up to 6 times a day totals more than 1600 calories! Gasp!

A theobromine pill would solve the calorie problem, but it sure would be a lot less enjoyable way to treat a cough.

I'm planning to test dark chocolate on my next cough. I'm ready. I've got some high-quality chocolate right here on my desk. Wait a throat's feeling a little irritated, could be a cough developing. Don't want it to take hold. Better pop some chocolate in. A-h-h-h-h-h...that's better.

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