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A dark chocolate diet sounded like the best idea ever! But as it turns out the name was a little misleading.

I assumed it meant that I was to eat nothing but dark chocolate.

I thought that every woman's dream (no, not that one) was finally going to be fulfilled.

You know...eat all the dark chocolate you want and lose weight! I couldn't wait to spread the news.

Sadly, my research found no such miracle diet. So I had to face reality.

Here are some dark chocolate diet friendly solutions that will help you liven up your diet.

Dark Chocolate Diet Choices

Why not try one of these helpful suggestions?

Chocolate Diet -sort of. It's a plan that helps you moderate the fat away as you enjoy a little dark chocolate each day. With the help of Hersheys Moderation Nation web site you can learn to balance your diet and exercise. It's a pretty painless plan, as far as diets are concerned!

Cocoa Bean Extract -the perfect diet-friendly way to get the benefit of dark chocolate without the bitter taste, calories, and fat. Also vegetarian and vegan friendly versions available.

Organic Dark Chocolate -intense flavor coaxed from nature. You can have your treat and preserve the environment too. Try this for a pure dark chocolate bar that's healthier for you and the planet.

Is Dark Chocolate Vegan? -when the only thing harmed is your waistline. Don't want any animal products in your treat? Then this is for you.

Sugar-free Dark Chocolate -is tasting better and better. Carb counters take note! This is perfect for your low carb diet or lifestyle.

Kosher Dark Chocolate -can it help you to meet your special dietary needs? Yes, if your health (physical or spiritual) depends on knowing what won't be hiding in your chocolate. Take advantage of the strict Kosher chocolate standards that ensure there are no hidden animal and/or unclean ingredients.

Halal Dark chocolate -how can you be sure? Learn the haram ingredients that may be found in dark chocolate.

With all of these choices, there's bound to be one right for you. Add some dark chocolate to your diet, you know you want to!  And need to. Take advantage of the health benefits of dark chocolate.

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