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Three chocolate bars.

Need to know which ingredients are haram?

Learn to add Halal dark chocolate to your diet.

It can be easily done if you inform yourself.

Halal certified products can be hard to find.

So you'll need to learn other ways to determine whether dark chocolate is Halal.

Let the following information help guide you.


The best solution is to purchase dark chocolate that's certified Halal. But what if that's not available?

Then you can choose Kosher dark chocolate . The package will display the symbol (containing the letter K or U) of the agency that supervised the process.

It's considered Halal as long as it doesn't contain alcohol.

Another option is to learn which ingredients are not permitted. The fewer listed on the package, the easier your task.

So choose quality dark chocolate because it contains fewer ingredients.

As an example, Kagi chocolate isn't Halal certified.  But its ingredients are similar to Islamic laws, according to the Kagi Blog.

Halal Ingredients

Halal ingredients found in quality dark chocolate are...

  • chocolate also called cocoa mass, chocolate liquor (no alcohol), cocoa liquor (no alcohol), unsweetened chocolate, or bitter chocolate
  • cocoa powder or cocoa
  • cocoa butter-the fat found in the cacoa bean
  • soy lethicin--an emulsifier made from soybean
  • sugar

Select products with at least 70% chocolate content because they're healthier. The percentage is usually listed on the package of quality chocolates.

Haram Ingredients

The only haram ingredient in this type of chocolate is vanilla (real or artificial) extract. It is not permitted because it contains a minimum of 35% alcohol.

Other vanilla products extracted with alcohol are...

  • vanilla flavoring
  • concentrated vanilla flavoring
  • vanillin extract
  • vanillin flavoring
  • vanillin powder

Lower quality chocolate contains natural and artificial flavorings and colors. These may be derived from pork, insects or other haram sources.

Avoid any fats that aren't vegetable based.

Additional Help

If you are still unsure, contact the chocolate company if you have any concerns.

It may be difficult to find, but the good news is that more companies are seeking Halal certification. For now, get informed and become a savvy consumer. You can then be assured that you're purchasing Halal dark chocolate.

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