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Do you know the chocolate facts, Mam? Things like where the cacao tree first took root? Where chocolate was born? Or how many beans in a bar? 

You don't?  Correct that now!

Trace chocolate's fascinating journey from invigorating drink of the ancients to common candy bar.

Learn more than you need to know about cacao.

Become a walking encyclopedia of fun facts. 

Or just fill your mind with interesting information.

You never know when it will come in handy.

It's here, its dear and there's no need to fear it. Or is there?

Inside Dope on Dark Chocolate

Facts, facts, and more facts starting wayyyyy back with...

Ancient scene of two Mayan men with a pot of chocolate.  Wikimedia Commons

Ancient Chocolate History -Do you know which ancient culture is credited with discovering your favorite food? Find out where it all began and why.

Ancient chocolate drinking cup and a Hershey's bar.  Original picture made from 2 photos from Wikimedia Commons.

Chocolate Timeline-For centuries it was the drink of the elite, too posh for us plebs. How did chocolate, an expensive fashionable beverage, transform into a cheap candy bar?

Chocolate tree with cocoa pods and blossoms.  Wikimedia Commons

Chocolate Tree -Learn about the very strange tree that fulfills your bittersweet dreams. It's a nightmare to grow, picky and demanding. Thankfully, many dedicated people are willing to do it.

Cocoa pods and tools used to harvest them.  Source: Wikimedia Commons

Cocoa Production -A few facts and figures about cocoa. Find out where that delicious stuff is grown. How many farmers does it take to grow it? What are all those piles of empty pods used for? And more!

Chocolate Facts: Trivia

No doubt you can live without this nonessential chocolate information!  But...just for grins I've added it in.  Give it a look see and disagree or not.

Idaho Spud candy bar. Source Wikimedia Commons

Candy Bar Trivia -learn the stories behind some famous chocolate candy bar names. Who or what is the candy named after? Check out the possibilities.

Chocolate covered food item, flag of country that consumes the most and jockey who eats it to stay trim.

Fun Chocolate Facts-strange but true tidbits about your favorite confection.  The days we honor it, fun foods and more.

Colllage of  weird chocolate facts pictures.

Weird Facts About Chocolate -the good, the bad and the ugly ways bittersweet has been used. Creative sometimes cruel chocolate practices. Bizarre tidbits for your consumption.

Death by chocolate skull.

Death By Chocolate -No not the decadent desert. Actual cases of chocolate being used to murder. Plus accidental deaths involving the bittersweet treat. Read about the real casualties of cocoa.

Chocolate Bayou highway sign with a chocolate name on it.

Chocolate Names -people, places, and things that have chocolate in their name. Athletes, landmarks, tv shows and more are named after our favorite food. How many can you identify?

Beautiful Maine Coon chocolate cat . Source:Wikimedia Commons

Chocolate Cats -adopt a beautiful dark brown feline. Bring one into your home and reap the health benefits of pet ownership. There are lots of breeds to choose from, it'll be a tough decision. Race to the rescue. Consider going shelter shopping.

Cute dark brown daschund one of the breeds that produce chocolate dogs. Source:Wikimedia Commons

Chocolate and Dogs -want a cuddly canine companion? Or an active outdoor buddy? Think dark brown beauty. Adopt one today.  Once you do, prevent serious problems.  Put the good stuff where your buddy can't get it.

Chocolate colored giraffe, horse and rabbit.  Source: Wikimedia Commons

Chocolate Animals -you might be surprised to discover how many creatures are covered in bittersweet beauty. Bunnies, bats, rats and wild cats, to name a few. Some perfect pets, others too wild, all dressed in chocolate. Take a look!

Chocolate money: cocoa beans with currency symbols on them.

Chocolate Money -Aztecs used it as currency. Now break your candy bar into cocoa beans and go shopping in ancient Mexico. See what you could buy off the cocoa bean price list from New Spain, circa 1545. How far would your bar go? More interesting but useless chocolate trivia.

Now that you're a human chocopedia, overflowing with chocolate facts, are you in demand or are you banned? Hey, those guys are just jealous! Ignore them. Feast on your favorite food while pondering its plethora of fascinating facts.

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