Chocolate Cats: Adopt a Feline
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Photo Courtesy of Lamerie

Dark choclate cat.

Chocolate cats really can impart health benefits. Owning a pet, like eating dark chocolate, can help lower your blood pressure.

Check out the list of breeds that produce beautiful brown felines. Each with it's own personality or is it purrsonality?

Then adopt one that fits your lifestyle.

Get ready for a lap full of warm chocolate or an independent purr ball. One or more of these characters will surely make a great addition to your family.

Best of all the dark brown cat won't make you fat!

Health Benefits of Pet Ownership

Can you really get some of the same health benefits from owning a cat as you can from eating dark chocolate?

Yep, according to the Centers For Disease Control web site, owning a pet can reduce your blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

But a pet companion can also reduce your triglyceride levels and feelings of loneliness.

Sure, a box of bittersweet candy can help with the loneliness. But a lap full of cat beats a lap full of fat!

Ready to...

Pick a Pet: Chocolate Cat Breeds

How delicious would it be to have an elegant dark chocolate cat running your home? Greeting you after a long hard day.

Maybe curling up with you on the couch. Or just letting you adore her...from a distance.

Chocolate Ocicat laying on the floor.Chocolate Ocicat

Are you up to the challenge of cat companionship? You are?

Great, then you can choose a cocoa colored cat or one with chocolate points.

Peruse these lists of cat breeds...

           Easy Going = LAP CAT Potential

  • Ragdoll
  • Birman
  • York Chocolate-not to be confused with the candy ;)
  • Maine Coon-large, affectionate
  • Tiffany/Chantilly-loving companion
  • British Shorthair-easy to live with
  • Balinese-chocolate points-fun and loving
  • Cornish Rex-very loving, curious, intelligent  indoor
  • American Wirehair-congenial, indoor

            Very Active

  • Cymric-loyal gets a long with dogs
  • Havana Brown-very attentive, needy
  • Norwegian Forest Cat-large, demanding, energetic
  • Turkish Angora-smart, active, engaged
  • Ocicat-chocolate silver-very active, trainable
  • Colorpoint Shorthair-chocolate lynx point and chocolate-tortie lynx point-affectionate, active
  • Burmese-Chocolate Tortoiseshell and Chocolate (UK)-very active
  • Javanese-plays well with humans
  • Siamese-chocolate points-demanding
  • Balinese-chocolate points-fun and loving
Chocolate British shorthair cat.British Shorthair

Tough decision, lots of beautiful cats. But what if you have children?

Cats For Kids

Are all cats kid friendly? No!  These cat breeds are the best choice for families with children...

Ragdoll chocolate cat good with kids.Ragdoll
Maine Coon cat good with kids.Maine Coon

  • British Shorthair
  • Maine Coon
  • Ragdoll
  • Cymric
  • Birman

according to It's a great source of information.

Check out their handy cat breed selector , if your serious about adopting a cat.

Beautiful and tot tolerant!  Can't ask for more.  Why not give one a good home?

Consider pet rescue organizations when looking for a new companion.

Enhance your life with one or more of these delicious dark chocolate cats. Let their absolute beauty and antics bring joy into your life. Adopt a pet cat and you'll both benefit! 

Reminder: Dark chocolate and cats don't mix!  Never let your feline nibble on your dark delicacies.

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