Dark Chocolate Reviews: I Try it, You Decide Whether to Buy It

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So much dark chocolate, so little truly worth the calories. Dark chocolate reviews gives you a calorie-free cyber sample of chocolate products.

Sure they all look tasty, but which ones are really worth trying?

I'll taste them, then share my invaluable (better than nothing) insight. Know before you spend your cash or calories.

I'll tell you which I liked and you...well, that's up to you.

Just remember... A calorie saved is a calorie that can be spent on something tastier!

Chocolate Treats I've Tried


WhoNu? Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies -go up against Chips Ahoy! in a taste test. Can healthy compete? See the surprising results.

Healthy Chocolate Chip Cookies -crispy double chocolate chip cookies by Praeventia. Tasty and healthy what a rare but awesome combination! Dark Chocolate Reviews brings you the good news.

Fiber One 90 Calorie Brownies -General Mills has produced a very tasty brownie that's low in fat. Plus it's high in fiber. Even more amazing...it tastes great. I was skeptical too. Tried it, maybe you should too?

Shortbread Cookies Covered in Chocolate

-Why bother to bake when you can get delicious cookies from a box. So good you'll be proud to serve them. Great buttery flavor and excellent quality dark chocolate. Homemade taste without the fuss!


Skinny Cow Chocolate Candy -Nestle's Skinny Cow has joined the dark chocolate herd! Handy portion-controlled packs of crispy caramel candies dipped in dark. Only 120 calories per pouch so you can feed your craving without guilt.

Raisinets® Chocolate Covered Cherries -craving some bittersweet covered cherries that won't bust your budget? Try these Raisinets, dark chocolate reviews did. If you like the original, you'll probably like these cherry chocolates. Cheap candy but good.

Lindt Swiss Dark Chocolate - delicious 70% cocoa candy that's dark but not bitter. Made by the masters of milk chocolate...the Swiss. Who knew they could do dark too?

Godiva Chocolate Truffles -gourmet truffles individually wrapped and available at better grocers? If you haven't already tried 'em, read this!

Dark Milk Chocolate -love dark chocolate but miss that creamy milk chocolate texture? You'll love this. More rich cocoa taste than regular milk but with a buttery smoothness not found in bittersweet.

Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Dove® -if you're counting calories or carbs, it can help you stay on track. Even if you're not, this dark chocolate candy is worth a try.

Pomegranate Chocolate Candy - how about a slightly tart, fruit-flavored center with a mild dark chocolate coating.  It's a very appealing, almost addictive combination of flavors that even milk chocolate lovers can't resist.

Hershey®'s Version of Pomegranate Chocolate -pomegranate candy must be gaining in popularity. Hershey now has it's own version and it's worth a try. See if you agree with me.

Plum Chocolate Bits -want a snack with a ridiculous amount of antioxidants? Try these little bits of dried plum covered in dark chocolate.  Satisfy that urge to munch with something healthier than a candy bar.

Chili Chocolate -whew! Now I know why the ancient Maya were so crazy about it. The red pepper infusion really brings out the bittersweet flavor. Warning: This bar bites back!

Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries -real dried bing cherries enrobed in bittersweet candy. Sounds delicious, but was it? Could Harry and David® combine these two flavors?

Dark Chocolate Raisinets® -hungry for some cheap candy that's tasty? Try these chocolate covered raisins. Healthy raisins enrobed in bittersweet candy. I don't even like raisins but I liked this candy. Maybe you will too?

Other Things

Small Kitchen Appliances for Brownie or Cake Pops -find out why you just may need one of these chocolate dessert making devices. See why they earned precious counter space in my kitchen.

Magnum Ice Cream -Magnum takes on Dove Ice Cream in the Battle of the Bars! See which of these two delicious ice creams comes out on top. Dark Chocolate Reviews gives you the inside scoop on the new kid in town.

Chocolate Bacon -yeah, it's a strange combination. But would it taste as strange as it sounds? Had to make my own to find out, a dark chocolate reviews first. Well, it's definitely different.

Sugar Free Chocolate Chips -no sugar doesn't mean these chips aren't perfect for baking. Diabetics or anyone trying to cut back on the sweet stuff will rejoice. Now you can enjoy a dark chocolate taste without any troublesome sugar!

Chocolate Spread -Philadelphia Indulgence by Kraft is a tasty way to cover your bagel or toast or frost a cake with dark, milk or white chocolate! You don't know what you are missing.

Chocovine Chocolate Wine -how about some chocolate in your wine? Not sure? Neither was my sister till she tried it! Finally, three months after I gave it to her she popped the cork...ok, unscrewed the top.

Trader Joes -chocolate palette, Belgian bar, croissants and french toast reviewed for you! So many bittersweet treats in store. Great place for chocoholics to get quality stuff at a reasonable price.

I hope you find these dark chocolate reviews to be a starting point...ok, so they're just an excuse for me to eat a lot delicious chocolate. There, I admit it! Read them and see which ones you want to try.

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