Small Kitchen Appliances:
American Originals Brownie and Bella Cake Pop Makers

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Does anyone really need one of those chocolate dessert making small kitchen appliances? Sure they're attractive. But are these diminutive devices worthy of their counter space?

American originals electric brownie-maker
Bella cake pop maker.

I was wondering that too?

So I bought a Bella cake pop maker and an American Originals electric brownie maker.

And put them to the test.

They'd have to earn their space at my place!

Just looking cute wouldn't win the day.

They'd have to prove their mettle.

Why buy?

Could they do something that a pan and oven couldn't?

Ultimate Advantage of Small Kitchen Appliances

So you want to bake some cake pops or brownies. You probably already own a stove and pans.

One pan is likely suitable for making brownies. So no need to buy anything else, right?

Cake pops require special pans. But there are many choices.

Metal, silicon, pans that make 12 or 18 pops at a time. Some even cost less than the electric appliance.

So why would you spend money on a small kitchen appliance to bake cake pops and brownies? Excellent question.

Because these little devices can go where no oven can. Where?

  • Dorm rooms,
  • campers, 
  • anywhere there's an outlet!

Limited space is no problem. They don't require much.

But wait, there's more...

Advantages of Brownie or Cake Pop Maker

This little brownie baker and the cake pop maker offer other advantages...

  • doesn't heat up the kitchen=summertime $avings
  • cook faster-reach baking temp quick, bake fast, don't have to heat up an entire oven= $avings
  • easy to clean-wipe with a paper towel
  • easy to store-stand on end, small footprint
  • versatile-bake mini muffins, doughnuts, eggs in the brownie maker

I couldn't really see the purpose of special dessert making small appliances for most people.

Until I realized they can go almost anywhere and you can make other things in them.

Egg cooked in the electric brownie-maker

Heck, the brownie maker cooked the eggs well. 3 large eggs made 6 egg patties.

The cake pop maker did a good job baking mini muffins and can make brownie pops too. So maybe you really only need this one.

Unless you want to save time by making bigger brownies. More like little brownie loaves. Then you should opt for the electric brownie maker to save time.

American originals brownie-maker with baked brownies

Drawbacks of Small Kitchen Appliances

Yep, they're handy kitchen accessories but they have a few short comings...

  • more labor intensive-only cooks 6 brownies or pops
  • have to be fast when filling-starts cooking as soon as batter hits the device
  • can be difficult to get the brownies out whole-oil well
  • easy to burn yourself-trying to remove baked goods from the hot device can be tricky

For a few dollars more, you can purchase a cake pop maker that makes 12 pops at a time. That'll save you some labor.

So there you have the shortcomings that I noticed. There could be more. But none of them were enough to turn me against the pop or brownie maker.

Conclusions? If your chocolate craving is bigger than your baking space, you need one of these small kitchen appliances! Since you can't make cake pops without a special pan or pop maker, that little device is worthy of some precious counter space.

But if you've got a favorite brownie pan already, you probably don't need a brownie maker. Unless you feel the need to bake brownies but have no oven. Then it can be a life saver or at least a quality of life saver!

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