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Keep more cash in your pocket with free printable grocery coupons! 

Accounts and passwordsNone of those annoying things are needed.

Just clip,  print and shop.

Worried about printing costs

Trust I DO

Good question. I had the same concern.  So I checked them out. is a BBB Accredited Business and TRUSTe certified.  Impressive.

So I took a chance and tested them.  I've been clipping these manufacturer's coupons for months.

Here's what I've found...

  • It's simple
  • Safe
  • Just clip and use at your favorite store
  • Lower grocery bills

Using money-saving printable grocery coupons adds up to more money in my pocket.  These coupons are always accepted where I shop.

I like using so much that I became an affiliate. Now I can offer you the same convenient money-saving coupons on my site from a company I trust.

Why not give them a try?  Why waste any more of your money paying full price?  Save today!

How to Get Your Free Printable Grocery Coupons

Just a few simple steps needed to get you started saving money on chocolate and other necessities of life.

Go to Sort By Categories in left hand column

  1. Click on the food category and browse for chocolate.  Also check the other categories like beverages and health care
  2. Clip desired coupon by clicking on the coupon.  To unclip it, clip on the word unclip in the light blue bar at the bottom of the coupon.
  3. Click on print coupons in top right corner
  4. Install coupon printer*-browser add-on your computer needs to print the manufacturer coupons you clip
  5. Print
  6. $ave

It's very easy to get started.  Heck, even I could do it.  So you can too!  There's help available should you need it, but you probably won't.

The Help link is located below and to the right of the coupons.

Plus there are instructions for removing the coupon printer should you decide to do so.

Save More

There's also a Coupon Carrier that conveniently keeps track of the amount of savings and number of coupons you've selected. 

You can even enter your zip code and check out local money-saving offers.

You can also use the Coupon Codes feature for online savings.  Just click the coupon codes tab.  Then search for money-saving online coupon codes to use at your favorite site.

Worried About Printing Costs?

Want to use printable grocery coupons but afraid printing them is too costly?

You're wise to be concerned.  Let me try to help you over this hurdle.

Consider this example...

Let's say you want to print a page with 3 coupons worth a total of $1.50.  3 coupons can be printed on a single sheet of paper.

Well, if you pay $10.00 for 500 sheets of paper, that comes out to a cost of 2 cents per sheet.

If a color ink cartridge costs you $30.00 and it prints 300 sheets, then your cost per sheet is 10 cents.

So printing the example page would cost you 12 cents.  But the coupons would save you $1.50.

$1.50 - 12 cents = $1.38   You would save much more than you spent printing the coupons!

If you browse through the coupons you will see many of them offer more than a $1.00 in savings.

Still not sure?  Go to the manufacturers website and see their estimate
for your particular ink cartridge.  Then you can get a more accurate picture of your printing costs.

Yes, you will have to pay for paper and ink but you will still save money!  But you can...

Cut Printing Costs: Money Saving Tips

Be sure to buy your paper and ink on sale when possible to maximize your savings. 

You don't need to buy top quality paper for the coupons. Buy the cheap  stuff!

Coupons can be printed with black ink.  They do not have to be printed in color.

Remember,  3 printable grocery coupons will fit on one sheet of computer printer paper!  Don't waste your valuable paper fill it up money-saving offers.

Hey, it's almost like printing your own money!  But it's legal. 

More Couponing Possibilities

Here are some other printable coupon sources for possible deals on chocolate.

BUT, if you want to get some printable coupons from these sites, you're going to have to sign up.

Most of the sites let you see the coupons. But won't let you print them until you become a member. 

Both Pillsbury and Betty Crocker also require you to install a coupon printer on your computer. -give them an e-mail address and a password and you're ready to print. You'll be able to save on things like refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough.

Betty -sign up is the same as the Pillsbury's web site. They offered almost the same exact coupons. No surprise since they're part of the same giant company.

But Betty had free coupons for some items that Pillsbury didn't. So it might be worth your time to go to each site.

Very Best -Nestle's web site. Yes, you have to join by filling out a standard form. Very easy to do. Then you may receive some coupons. Nice site for people who enjoy baking.

Duncan -you have to join their Baker's Club. Unlike the other sites, you have to create an account before you even get to see the coupons.

But the sign-up process isn't complicated. It shouldn't take longer than 2 or 3 minutes.

So if you like to save money and time, and I'm betting you do, then here's your opportunity!  Clip, shop and save on chocolate and more with these printable grocery coupons.  Save cash while still enjoying some of your favorite things. 

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