Turned Off by the Intense Taste of Dark Chocolate? Health Benefits!

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Don't be. Learn to love dark chocolate. Health benefits, don't you want them? You do?

Then start by sampling sweet dark chocolate, it has a milder taste, more like milk chocolate.

Or try cocoa powder. Go ahead, dip your toe into the dark.

But don't stop there. Gradually increase the cocoa content. Ease your taste buds into darker and darker chocolate.

The darker you go, the healthier it gets. You'll have to go very dark to realize the benefits.

But very dark chocolate is also a richer and more satisfying treat. You don't want to miss it.!

So be bold and try the choices listed below.

Soon, the intense taste that turned you off, will start to turn you on!

Dark Chocolate Health: Benefit From These!

Healthy Dark Chocolate -C'mon, give it a try for your health. Many great sweeter than bittersweet choices to start with, no need to hold back. Antioxidant packed, go for the benefits!

Cocoa powder -this powerful dark chocolate powder puts you in control of the flavor intensity. It's so versatile you'll find endless ways to use it. Each time you do you'll get a dose of powerful antioxidants!

Sweet Chocolate -is the closest in taste to milk chocolate. But it's a little bit healthier because it contains more cocoa. Get some and get started working (eating) your way to the really dark healthy stuff.

Semi-sweet Chocolate - is bittersweet chocolate's sweeter side. Develop a taste for this delicious stuff and you'll be knocking on healthy chocolate's door. Dark chocolate health benefits, don't stop before you reach them!

Bittersweet Chocolate - is the home of dark chocolate anyone can learn to love. It's delicious, it's intense, it's very dark and healthy when you get to the 70% cacao level. You don't want to miss it!

Chocolate Nibs -a super snack for chocoholics who want healthy but don't do raw. These cocoa nibs are roasted, dipped in chocolate, and taste like candy. Take a walk on the mild side.

Raw Cocoa Nibs -very intense little bits of chocolate at it's wildest. There's no doubt, it's a very healthy choice. Raw and wild like it's jungle home. But it's probably not for everybody. Go ahead and give it a try, it's definitely different!

High Antioxidant Foods -When you think free radical fighting foods, think dark chocolate. It's a potent health partner. Check out these excellent chocolate sources, there's at least one suitable for your taste buds. Or see how much dark chocolate antioxidant power your favorite chocolate is packing!

Visitor's Chocolate Recipes-Have a great chocolate recipe to share?  See what tasty ideas others have contributed.

Fair Trade Chocolate-are you willing to pay more to enhance the lives of those that grow cocoa beans?

Still afraid of the dark? Get over it! Dark chocolate isn't kid's stuff. This is seriously good chocolate with real health benefits. Don't miss out because of a bad experience or bad advice. Try it for yourself!

Are you a purveyor of Healthy Chocolate products? Maybe you should join my Health Chocolate Directory.

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