Why Learn to Love Healthy Dark Chocolate? For Your Health!

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It's a no brainer! Train your taste buds in the fine art of appreciating healthy dark chocolate. Take advantage of those dark chocolate antioxidants.

Get what they've got to give!

There are so many healthy choices. Don't think it's all bitter!

You can start sweet and work your way to the best dark chocolate. No hurry.

You can make cocoa powder, sweet chocolate, or semisweet your starting point.

They're not so dark and scary. Get started, your benefits are waiting.

Antioxidant Rich Foods

Give the dark stuff a chance.  Don't be a quitter work up to the bitter!

Chocolate is on the University of Michigan's Healing Foods Pyramid.  Because it's a plant-based nourishing food.

All of these healthy dark chocolate choices, cocoa, sweet, semisweet, bittersweet and nibs are antioxidant rich foods. Far richer in antioxidants than milk chocolate.

That's a great reason to jump on the band wagon. The numbers speak for themselves.

Dark chocolate antioxidants are beneficial to your body in many ways.

Milk chocolate, tastes great, but just can't deliver.

Need proof? Take a look at the Orac scores . The numbers speak for themselves.

Health Benefits

To enjoy those health benefits of dark chocolate you're going to need to eat chocolate with a 70% cocoa content.

That may sound way too bitter for you now, but you'd be surprised how fast your taste buds will adapt.

But you have to give them the chance! Remember it's all about the benefits. Start out slow and sweet.

Best Dark Chocolate

Healthy dark chocolate is the best dark chocolate. Because it's made with lots of cocoa and just a couple of other ingredients.

Almost nothing between your taste buds and the cocoa.

You taste the cocoa not a bunch of additives and additions. Just the delicious flavor.

Once you love dark chocolate (and you will), taste raw cocoa nibs. That's the best of the best, very healthy. Dark chocolate like you've never tasted.

And may not want to taste again!

Seriously, learn to love it for your health's sake. You can do it. Start with sweet chocolate or dark milk chocolate. It'll just be a matter of time before you're hooked on the good stuff.

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