Dark Milk Chocolate: Milky Smooth Deliciously Dark

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Dark milk chocolate is the perfect combination of creamy texture and lots of cacao. You get the smoothness of milk chocolate blended with the bold taste of dark chocolate.

It's the best of both worlds that's out of this world.

It's neither too dark (bitter) for milk chocolate lovers, nor too light (on cacao) for dark chocolate lovers.

So if you love milk chocolate's creaminess but want a more intense chocolate taste, try it.

Or if you're a dark devotee that misses that creaminess, get some.

You'll find dark milk chocolate completely satisfying.

What's Dark Milk Chocolate?

It's milk chocolate that's gotten in touch with it's dark side.

It has the usual milk chocolate ingredients like sweetener, cocoa butter, and milk or cream.

But there's one enormous difference, way more cocoa mass, as much as bittersweet chocolate.

Dark milk has considerably more chocolate than the 10% minimum required by law.

Interesting but...

What Does it Taste Like?

That's something I was anxious to know. So I tried a bar of Arriba (strain of Forastero cocoa native to southern Ecuador) from Cacao Reserve by Hershey's™.

It contained 50% cacao. That's the most I'd ever seen in a milk chocolate bar. With that much cacao, it had to be good.

It was. The dark milk candy had the softer texture you would expect, melting buttery smooth on my tongue. Then came the strong chocolate taste that hinted at bitter but wasn't.

The extra cacao tempered the sweetness of the milk chocolate. The result was a refreshing change. Dark chocolate candy with a rich creamy texture.

Cacao Reserve by Hershey's™ was definetley worth a try. But sadly they don't make it anymore.  Maybe they'll offer it again in the future?

Well, then you may want to try the Lindt Excellence with 50% Cocoa.  It's sure to be good!

Is It Healthy Dark Chocolate?

The only down side is that it's not healthy dark chocolate because it contains...

  • less than 70% cacao
  • more sugar
  • cholesterol

But it's a little healthier than regular milk chocolate because of its higher percentage of cacao.

It's worth indulging in, if your diet/health allows it!

And a great way to work up to darker chocolate!

What a great idea! Meld milk chocolate's dreamy texture with dark chocolate's bold taste. A delectable chocolate crossover is born. One that no true chocolate lover should be able to resist. It's a little bit milky, a little bit dark and a lot delicious!

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