Sweet Chocolate: Darker Than Milk But Still Sweet

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Taste buds unable to appreciate dark chocolate? Train 'em with sweet chocolate. It's perfect for transitioning from milk into dark chocolate.

Forget bitter. It's slightly darker than milk chocolate, but it has more sugar than darker chocolate.

Think of it as training wheels. Your taste buds can get a feel for dark chocolate before you turn them loose.

Once you master more chocolate flavor, move on. Put the sweet away. It's job is done. Your buds are ready to go solo!

Dark Sweet Chocolate, What is It?

You know you should go dark. But you're afraid of the bitter. Try sweet chocolate.

It's your ticket to ride on the dark side of chocolate.


Because it's the dark chocolate with the lowest cocoa content, 15% to 34%. That's very close to milk chocolate which has a minimum 10% cocoa content.

So it's similar in taste to milk chocolate. Both types of chocolate have a high sugar content and a mild chocolate taste.

It's a small increase in chocolate flavor, not a leap straight into intense.

Consider it light dark chocolate or training chocolate. It's perfect for acquiring a taste for dark chocolate... gradually.

You won't be turned off by too much flavor too soon.

Whatever you call it, let it be your gateway to dark chocolate. A mild introduction to the intense taste of healthy dark chocolate.

Mild Taste

This sugary chocolate has a mild, not overpowering, dark chocolate taste. Don't let the color fool you. It doesn't taste as dark as it looks.

Sure, the chocolate flavor is stronger than in milk chocolate. But it's not called sweet for nothing.

Sugar is the first ingredient in both types of chocolate. So it's sweet!

And easy on your untrained taste buds.

German Chocolate

Baker's® German chocolate is probably the best known brand of this type of chocolate. It comes in a bar for baking or dipping.

It's not meant to be eaten like a candy bar. Yes, I tried. It's a little too hard on the teeth and gums!

But, try breaking off a piece and microwaving it. Place it on a piece of wax paper and microwave until soft.

Then you can eat the warm, gooey piece of delicious dark chocolate right off the wax paper.

And of course nothing's better than warm chocolate!

Sweet Substitute Chocolate

Here's how you can make your own.  Substitute unsweetened natural cocoa powder.  Do not use cocoa mix, that's for making hot beverages!

To make an ounce of sweet chocolate use...

  • 2 1/4 level teaspoons of cocoa powder
  • 1 level tablespoon plus 1/4 level teaspoon of sugar
  • 2 level teaspoons of oil, margarine or shortening

Mix together thoroughly.

How to Spot a Sweet Bar

It can difficult to find this sugary dark chocolate candy. I searched and only found 1 bar made by Newman's Own® and a few pieces included in mixed boxed chocolates.

What to do? Read the ingredients list on candy wrappers. That's the surest way to find it.

It should read ingredients: sweet chocolate followed by...

  • sugar
  • chocolate
  • cocoa butter
  • etc.

Unfortunately, you can't tell the percent of cocoa. But even with as much as 34% cocoa, it will still be sweet.

Sweet chocolate really is the perfect way to get a little taste of dark chocolate. Try it, let it work it's magic on you. No longer will you be prisoner to that milky chocolate. Take that first step toward healthy dark chocolate.

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