Pure Dark Chocolate? Grab Some Raw Cocoa Nibs

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Raw cocoa nibs are little bits of pure chocolate the way nature made it.

Raw cocoa nibs surrounding a penny.

Sampling chocolate in its healthiest, wildest state will excite your taste buds.

And pure chocolate is what you'll taste. Untamed by the usual additives, the flavor may be a little too natural.

But, if your focus is nutrition, then raw cacao nibs are your best choice.

Go ahead...feed your inner beast!

What are Cocoa Nibs?

The edible part of the cocoa bean. They are bits of bean that has been removed from the pod, fermented, dried, broken into pieces and shelled.

This minimal processing doesn't destroy any of the nutrients in the cocoa. It...

  • develops the flavor of the nibs,
  • decreases the bitterness
  • and preserves them for shipping.

Why are Raw Cocoa Nibs So Healthy?

Minimal processing! They retain all the good stuff nature packed into them. Things like...

  • antioxidants --potent disease fighters.
  • vital minerals-- potassium, magnesium and calcium
  • vitamins--E, C, D, A and B1.
  • healthy fats--cocoa butter.
  • mood modifiers--anandamide, phenylethylamine, and tryptophan

And they have no added sugar or fats to increase the number of calories.

But a one-ounce serving contains approximately 145 calories, 11g of fat and 11g of fiber.

That's a lot of fat. 

On the other hand, some studies have shown that eating chocolate doesn't raise blood cholesterol.

So if you can afford the fat, cacao nibs are a healthier snack than a candy bar.

You certainly won't get all that beneficial fiber from any old candy bar!

How Do I Use Them?

Raw cocoa nib uses are limited only by your imagination. They can be...

  • eaten as is for a wholesome snack
  • or sweetened with honey, or agave juice
  • incorporated into any recipe to add a dark chocolate taste with a nutty texture
  • added to your favorite dessert
  • ground up with your coffee beans
  • etc.,

Experiment with them. They'll add a bit of nutrition to whatever you put them in.

How Do They Really Taste?

So you know how healthy they are.  Now you want to know what cocoa nibs taste like?  Well...

They taste like dark chocolate with a nutty texture. At least that's what the literature says.

I tried a few by themselves. Let's just say my expectations were not met.

I was expecting a dark chocolate taste, ... a dark chocolate candy taste. Not even close! My 1st mistake.

My 2nd mistake... forgetting, in my rush to taste healthy chocolate, that I don't like nuts.

Realizing my mistakes, I tried them again. Still didn't like them by themselves. Raw chocolate is just a little too wild and natural tasting for me.

Sadly, the untamed nibs taste nothing like candy!  They...

  • are not sweet
  • have a unique flavor but it's not like chocolate candy
  • have a slightly nutty taste
  • are a health food and taste like it

So if your not very fond of the taste but want the healthy, stick them in your yogurt!  Or something that might make them more appealing.

I used them in a cookie recipe and they weren't bad. I even got my teenage son to eat some.

If you're not ready for raw, how about chocolate nibs?

Where Do I Get Them?

Oh good, I've convinced you to try them!   Well...

I purchased mine from my local health food store. They only sold the nibs of one variety of cocoa bean.  Perhaps another variety would taste better?

No health food store handy? Try the internet, there should plenty of choices.

Remember that raw cocoa nibs are dark chocolate, plain, natural and full of nutrients. They're not the highly processed chocolate most people like. But if you want wholesome and healthy with a chocolate taste, try them. You'll get all the good stuff with no added junk.

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