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Why bother to bake? These shortbread cookies are delicious. Bakery quality from a box! So good you would be proud to serve them to your family or guests.

Sample these chocolate covered delights. Then try to put the box down before it's empty.

Really, they're the best store bought cookies I've ever tried. Based on an old French recipe, according to the box.

But made in the U.S.A.

Butter cookies filled with chocolate chunks and drizzle. You can actually taste the butter!

And the dark chocolate is terrific. These are not your ordinary cookies off the store shelf.

Chocolate Drizzled Cookies by World Table

I'll admit it! The picture on the box sold me.

But I'd been fooled many times before. So I was skeptical till I took a bite!

What makes these cookies so delicious? Everything! You can taste the quality of the ingredients. No skimping here.

These crispy French cookies are made with butter and lots of fabulous dark chocolate.

Take a look at that photo on the box. You can't tell but the backs of the cookies are covered in chocolate.

And it's tasty and messy. It will melt in your hand. So don't let the cookies linger on your fingers. Trust me, you won't.

No plastic tasting, cheap chocolate-like coating on these babies!

World Table claims to use quality ingredients. Don't they all?

But these shortbread cookies actually taste as good as they look on the box. How often can you say that?


Homemade taste without the fuss. Fit for a party.

Nutrition Facts

Great taste but what about the downside? Fat and calories, etc.

Well, a serving of about 4 cookies has...

  • Total fat-9 g
  • Saturated fat-6 g
  • No trans fat
  • Calories-150
  • Cholesterol- 15 mg
  • Sodium-55 mg
  • Total Carbohydrates-18 g
  • Dietary fiber-less than 1 g
  • Sugars-9 g
  • Protein-1 g

Not too bad, if you can control yourself. But they're so good...good luck with that!

Where to Buy?

These cookies are made by World Table and distributed by Wal-Mart. That's where I found them. But they seem to run out fast.

Try to get to them before I do. Or you may be out of luck!

You'll find them in the cookie section with the other World Table varieties. Look carefully. There's only one row on display, at least at my Wal-Mart, and often it's empty.

So keep checking. These shortbread cookies are worth the effort.

So why bother to bake? Bakery quality shortbread cookies in a box. Covered in a rich dark chocolate of an exceptional quality. Store bought cookies that live up to the hype on the package. Tasty enough to be served to your guests, if you have any left!

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