Sweet, Tart Pomegranate Chocolate Candy Made With Pomegranate Juice

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This pomegranate chocolate candy is just too delicious to keep to myself.

Made with dark chocolate and pomegranate juice concentrate, it's a unique sweet and tart treat.

It's so tasty even die-hard milk chocolate fans love it.

But it's more than just candy.  It's a very appetizing source of natural antioxidants, vitamin C, and iron.

Go ahead and try it. But before you do make sure your self control is fully functional. 

Pomegranate Candy

Brookside® Dark Chocolate Pomegranate candy is really good and definitely different.

But what does it taste like?

Dark chocolate and pomegranate are perfect together.

Bite into the candy and the first thing that strikes you is the delicious dark chocolate.

Next your taste buds are shocked by the slightly tart and tangy center. But the two flavors balance each other nicely.

The candy is neither too sweet nor too tart.

It's a very appealing, but dangerous combination of flavors. Dangerous to your waistline. You'll want more, everybody does(see comments at bottom of page).

I'm warning you...your self control will be severely tested.

But don't feel too bad if your weak once in a while. It has more to offer than just a great taste.

Pomegranate Chocolate Candy Nutrition

The candy is made from two high antioxidant foods, dark chocolate and pomegranate juice concentrate. Great sources of free radical fighters that will help boost your body's defenses.

One serving is about 1/4 cup or 40g and contains 170 calories. 

It also contains, according to the bag,...

  • the concentrated juice of cranberries, apples, pineapples, and elderberries
  • 8g of fat-4.5g of which are saturated fat
  • iron-8%*
  • 60mg of sodium
  • 28g total carbohydrates
  • sugar-4%*
  • protein-1 gram
  • fiber-1 gram

*% of Daily Value

So, is Brookside chocolate healthy? Well, it's not exactly a health food but at least it's not just sugar and fat.

It provides some iron and a little fiber.

But Brookside is not very healthy.  It's very tasty though! 

With a little self-control, 5 or 6 pieces should satisfy you for a while.

Chocolate covered pomegranate seeds.

Where Can You Buy It?

I bought my 8 ounce bag at Wal-Mart.

Or you can purchase Brookside Dark Chocolate Covered Pomegranate on line. They sell the giant 32 ounce size bag.

That's a lot of temptation. So they also sell the 8 ounce bag!

Brookside products are Kosher.

Pomegranate chocolate candy is very addictive. That unique sweet and tart flavor combination is strangely appealing. Once you taste it, you will want more. But so will everybody else. Be prepared to take extreme measures. Even milk chocolate fans can't resist it.

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