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Always scanning the grocery aisles for new items? Me too. Saw a Fiber One box with a picture of a brownie on it. I had to check that out!

Fiber One brownie.

Imagine a brownie with nutritionally redeeming qualities.

Reasonably low in fat and calories.

With a giant helping of healthy fiber.

Healthy junk in a brownie? Great, but would it actually taste good?

Taste Test: 90 Calorie Brownies from General Mills

Some how it just seems wrong to put the word healthy anywhere near the word brownie.

No one craves brownies because they're healthy!

But what if you could have your brownie and a little nutrition too? Or at least a reasonable facsimile of a brownie.

Would it be enough to tempt you to buy?

It was for me. I've never met a brownie I couldn't try. So I bought one box.

My inner skeptic reminded me to try before I buy more. Cause most of the healthy baked goods I'd purchased in the past ended up in the trash.

Got home, took the box out of the bag and found myself surrounded. Seems my family heard the call of the brownies. I was out numbered. I had to share.

So how did the brownies go over? Well, none went into the garbage. Everyone enjoyed them. No one even noticed that they were healthy (for a brownie).

Healthy brownie by Fiber One.

Fiber One 90 calorie brownies

  • have a good dark chocolate flavor
  • are moist and slightly chewy
  • contain chocolate flavored chips
  • have chocolate drizzle on top

Ok there's no way you're going to mistake these for the full fat gooey brownies.

But they're remarkably good for something verging on healthy. I was pleasantly surprised.  Maybe you will be too.

Not to mention lucky to escape with the last one!

Brownie Nutrition Facts

So exactly what do the nutrition numbers reveal?

Well, each brownie (serving) is 25grams, it provides...

  • total fat-3grams or 5%
  • sat. fat-1.5grams or 8%
  • cholesterol-0 or 0%
  • sodium-100grams or 4%
  • total carbs-18grams or 6%
  • fiber-5grams or 20%
  • sugars-8grams
  • protein-1gram
  • iron-4%

% equals daily value based on 2,000 calorie diet. Above information taken from product package.

Numbers aren't bad for a brownie are they? Quite doable, don't you think?

Are Fiber One brownies healthy?  Yes, if you compare them to homemade brownies with...

  • calories-229
  • fat-12g
  • fiber-1g...per serving.

Take a look at a recipe and see what I mean!

Check out Fiber 1's new chocolate chip cookie!

All that fiber, just a little bit of fat and tastes great too. Fiber One delivers it all! They taste way too good to be that good for you.

These easy brownies make a reasonably healthy, perfectly portable snack for your purse, backpack, lunch box or pocket. I'm off to the store to buy more!

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