Chili Chocolate: Dark Chocolate, Red Chili, Delicious?

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Lindt dark chocolate chili bar.

How does a Lindt Chili chocolate bar sound? Like hot chocolate? 

I've always wondered how that combination of flavors would taste.

Haven't you?

The Maya seemed rather fond of spicy dark chocolate!

Would I like it, would you?

An entire civilization of chocoholics couldn't be wrong.

But I hesitated, I'm a green chili fan.

Still, this was my chance to connect with those ancient chocoholics. So I took it.

Turns out I was right, they were right and so is that combination.

My tireless search of the candy aisle paid off. The red chili supercharges the chocolate!

Spicy Chili Chocolate

As unlikely as it seems, chocolate and chili really do work together.

The delicious Lindt dark chocolate is made even tastier by the red chili infusion. The chili complements the dark chocolate, it doesn't overwhelm it.

It just boosts the flavor. In fact, you don't even taste the chili. But you do feel the heat.

Well I did. But I'm sort of a wimp when it comes to spicy food.

Don't sweat it though. It's not that strong. I not only survived it, I enjoyed it.

The spiciness of the chocolate adds to the experience.

When you sample the candy, the first thing you taste is a great chocolate flavor. A few seconds later, your tongue may start to tingle.

Then your throat may even begin to burn slightly. The tingling/burning will only last a few minutes.

A true chocolate lover like you should really experience this fascinating combination.

Health Benefits?

Health benefits of dark chocolate in this chili bar?  Well, the Lindt chili bar contains a minimum of 47% cocoa solids.

The higher the percentage the better.  But it should bring some benefits. 

Just a nibble though.  About an ounce a day, if your doctor gives you the ok.

A four square (40g) serving, according to the nutrition facts on the box, contains...

190 calories

7g of fat

2g of protein

2% vitamin A*

2% calcium*

6% iron*       (*percent daily values based on 2,000 calorie diet)

So nibble don't devour the entire bar!  Or you'll lose any benefits it conveys.

Health benefits of red chili? Does the chili contribute?  It might speed up your metabolism...briefly.

So says this article, The Claim: Spicy Foods Increase Metabolis.

Maybe the chili would help burn off some of the 7g of fat per serving? Maybe. 

How does the taste of this bar compare to the chocolate of the ancients?

Mayan Chocolate Recipe

How authentic is the Lindt chili chocolate bar? Close enough to give you a taste of what the Maya adored.

They mixed chocolate with a variety of things including chili and honey. Then drank it warm and frothy.

So a modern bar made with sugar, chili, and chocolate is reasonably close.

Heck, you can microwave a piece for a few seconds. Then lick it off the plate. It kind of adds to the authenticity of the tasting.

But it also seems to increase the burn of the chili! A small price to pay.

My curiosity was pleasantly satisfied. And I communed with the ancient chocoholics. Not a bad way to spend a few moments.

It isn't hot and frothy but it's very tasty. The Lindt chili chocolate bar is delicious and different. Don't fear the spice. Allow it to entice you. Give it a try.  See what the ancients were so crazy about!

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