Chocolate Bacon: Edible or Regretable Combination?

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Would you have ever combined chocolate and bacon? Me neither!

But chocolate bacon candy bars are very popular according to an article I read. It isn't just some crazy American thing either.

Apparently the Japanese and the British love them too.

Could this combination really taste good? Initially I felt queasy just thinking about chocolate covered bacon. Then I was curious.

Could all those people be wrong?

Couldn't buy any in my neighborhood so I had to make my own (now you can too).

So how did it taste? Well, it was different.

Chocolate Covered Bacon

My mother, knowing of my love of dark chocolate, gave me the article about chocolate bacon. Fascinated, I devoured it.

But could I bring myself to taste it?

The thought of fatty bacon, no matter how crispy, covered in chocolate sounded awful. But then the chocoholic in me began to demand satisfaction.

I told my children I was going to try it. One called me crazy, the other thought I must be pregnant.

Is there anything more satisfying than a supportive family?

So I whipped up some of this strange food. Took a bite.

Hmmm, interesting taste...smoky, salty and chocolate.

Unusual. But it actually tasted good.

Then I began to wonder if bacon would taste good in chocolate chip cookies. Only one way to find out.

Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

I had half a slice of bacon left. Naturally, I crumbled it up and mixed into some chocolate chip cookie dough.

A chocolate chip cookie with visible bacon bits. That was a unique sight to behold. But would the taste be as exceptional?

Well, the taste was ok. But I found it less appealing than the chocolate bacon. The bacon didn't improve the taste of the cookies.

But it could just be me, I'm biased. I think chocolate chip cookies are already a perfect combination of flavors.

You should try this at home and see for yourself. It's very easy to do.

Making Bittersweet Covered Bacon

Don't run out an purchase an expensive bacon chocolate bar.  Make your own bittersweet bacon to sample.

Taste it on the cheap.  Then splurge if you love it.

What will you need?

  • bacon
  • favorite chocolate bar, chocolate chips, or baking chocolate

Take a slice of bacon fry it up in a pan or microwave it.  Set aside.

Melt about an ounce of chocolate in your microwave.Let cool slightly.

Then dip the bacon in the chocolate.  Or spread the bittersweet over the bacon.

There you go! A cheap way to sample this weird but tasty combination.

Did you love it? Want more chocolate bacon?

So is the perfect combination of flavors? I don't think so. Bacon is one of nature's superb foods. Great served crumbled on a baked potato or used as a seasoning. Why mess with it?

Chocolate, especially the dark kind, cannot be improved upon.

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