Sugar-Free Dark Chocolates Better?

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Satisfy your dark chocolate craving with sugar-free dark chocolate. You'll save a few carbs and maybe shed a few pounds, thanks to sugar substitutes.

Now they're better tasting, so no sugar added dark chocolate candy tastes better.

Sugar free no longer means boring, tasteless chocolate.

If you're a carb counter, you can enjoy dark chocolate candy again and stick to your diet.

But before you get too excited, read more about it.

It may taste better but it still has some drawbacks.

Sugar Alcohols

What's used to replace the sugar?

Sugar alcohols. They're carbohydrates that are similar chemically to sugar and alcohol but don't contain either.

Besides being sweet, sugar alcohols...

  • are only partially digested and absorbed
  • are absorbed slowly so they don't cause a spike in blood sugar
  • contain fewer calories than sugar

Because these sweeteners' carbs aren't completely digested, they're not counted when figuring net carbs.

That's great if you're living a low-carb lifestyle. Subtracting the sugar alcohols along with the fiber can mean a substantial savings.

You can stop drooling over sugary dark chocolate candy. You know, the kind that tempts you every time you see it.

Now you've got sugar free that tastes almost as good as the sugary stuff.

I know it does because I conducted my own taste test. You'll be able to enjoy a real dark chocolate taste again while saving those precious carbs.

But beware of the one potential drawback.

Lurking Laxative Side Effect of Sugar Alcohol

Sugar alcohols have their benefits but there's one potentially embarrassing side effect.

Undigested sugar alcohol gets broken down by bacteria in your lower intestine. This can cause gas or diarrhea problems.

So consume with caution until you learn how well your system handles the change.

Sticking to the recommended serving size might help you to avoid this problem. Remember moderation is the key.

Not any fun of course, but still the key.

Sugar-free Dark Chocolate Nutrition Facts

What did a check of the nutrition facts reveal?

Once those beautiful sugar alcohols and fiber were subtracted from the carb count, there were almost no carbs left.

The net carbs, 2 g per serving, down from 22 g per serving.

That's much better than the 24 g per serving of the dark chocolate candy with sugar.

The calorie savings were not so impressive. The sugar free had about 20 less calories per serving.

Don't forget to factor in the fat. The sugar-free dark chocolate candy had 2 more grams of total fat. A greater percentage of the fat was saturated.

So sugar free can save you some carbs and a few calories helping you to lose weight.

Sugar-free dark chocolate is a great way to fit some chocolate into your low carb diet. But it still has a lot of calories and saturated fat. So remember what they say, "A moment on the lips...

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