What Can Cocoa Bean Extract Do for You?

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Cocoa bean extract delivers dark chocolate antioxidant power without the bitter taste, fat, and calories.

It just might be the answer you've been looking for.

You've been wanting to get those powerful disease fighters into your diet, haven't you?

Now's your chance.

Stop yearning and start learning how!

Cocoa Extract

What is it? Antioxidant-rich cocoa in a concentrated form.

Almost all the calories and fat have been removed leaving a powder packed with antioxidants.

Who can't use more of those disease fighters?

Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is best known for its heart helping benefits. But those dark chocolate antioxidants do much more. Find out what they can do for you.

Once you know what you've been missing, you're going to want some dark chocolate capsules.

Dark Chocolate Capsules

No, it's not candy. It's cocoa in capsules.

So what? So you don't have to taste it. Perfect for people who find dark chocolate too bitter.

Cocoa capsules are also great for dieters because they're very low in calories and fat. So low that neither have to be listed on the bottle.

Dr. Singh from RMIT Universtiy used capsules filled with cocoa to study the effects of chocolate antioxidants. She chose them because they're a great source of pure cocoa.

No more excuses, now everyone can benefit from dark chocolate antioxidants! Add them to you're daily regimen.

But only after you consult your doctor. Make sure dark chocolate isn't bad for you.

Boost Antioxidant Intake

All that good news about dark chocolate antioxidants made me realize I needed more in my diet.

But I didn't want to be forced to eat more chocolate.

Ok, truth be told, I couldn't afford the extra calories and fat. Naturally, I turned to dark chocolate capsules.

I bought a brand that listed the amount of antioxidants per serving. That way I could easily keep track of my intake.

Thanks to this extract I was able to increase my antioxidant intake without doubling in size. But they aren't as much fun to eat!

There's not yet a recommended daily intake for antioxidants. So be sure to follow the directions when taking cocoa bean extract.

Where to Buy Them?

Cocoa bean extract is available on the net or from your favorite health food store.

Vegetarian and vegan friendly capsules are also available.

Cocoa extract is a great way to get those desired dark chocolate benefits, especially if you can't handle the taste or extra calories. Even dark chocolate lovers can use it to increase their antioxidant intake without increasing their waistline.

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