Why Choose Organic Dark Chocolate?

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Because it's the earth friendly choice. Learn why organic dark chocolate is better for you and the planet.

Go organic and get more from your diet while taking less from nature. Enjoy your dark chocolate a little more (if that's possible) knowing that you're supporting better farming practices.

Organic dark chocolate does cost a little more. But healthier food and a cleaner environment are priceless, right?

Benefits of Organic Cacao Production

Concerned about the chemicals used to produce your dark chocolate? Then you might want to support organic agriculture because it prohibits the use of...

  • synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides
  • genetically modified organisims
  • irradiation
  • or sewage sludge

None of which are allowed to be used on the cocoa or the land for three years prior to harvest.

So what's all the fuss about? Many people don't want these things in their food or environment due to health concerns.

They're especially bothered by the possibility that pesticides might cause birth defects, cancer or damage to the central nervous system.

They're willing to pay a little more for food grown this way because they believe it's...

  • more nutritious
  • better tasting
  • superior in quality

Better for the Planet

How's it better? Organic cocoa production works to preserve and restore the tropical forest by...

  • utilizing thinned forest--cocoa grows best in shade
  • preserving habitats--so animals, pollinators, and plants can thrive
  • using natural pest control--attract helpful insects
  • relying on fewer inputs--reduces pollutants

This helps to prevent soil erosion and groundwater contamination.

The growers work with nature to improve their environment. These sound practices develop robust cocoa trees, more resistant to loss from pests and disease.

A better harvest equals more chocolate!

So do your part for the planet. Eat dark chocolate and help the tropical flora and fauna flourish.

Organic Health Benefits?

Is organic really healthier? Well, it contains fewer additives, and less pesticide residue. Purer is healthier, isn't it?

But is it more nutritious? Studies confirm that organic milk has much higher levels of omega-3 fatty acid, beta-carotene, and vitamin E. Flavonoid levels in organic tomatoes were almost double.

What about cocoa? Patience. No studies (couldn't find any) yet.

Maybe flavonoid antioxidants levels will increase like they did in tomatoes.

We'll just have to enjoy its purity while we're waiting.

Organic Dark Chocolate 70% Bar

Many people claim organic food tastes better. But I was skeptical, so I sampled a Green & Black's organic dark chocolate 70% (cocoa) bar.

The chocolate flavor seemed more intense than other 70% bars. So I had to try it over and over and over again to be certain.

I even sampled another organic bar to make sure. Now I'm sure.

The organic was nearly orgasmic. Ok, so that's a slight exaggeration, but it's g-o-o-o-d.

Organic Certification

How can you be sure that your dark chocolate is organic? Look for the USDA Organic symbol often found by the nutrition facts.

This certifies that the cocoa has been grown and processed in facilities that meet the strict organic standards.

Yearly inspections and reviews are required to remain certified.

Why is It More Expensive?

It's more labor intensive. The grower must have a plan approved by the certifier and carefully follow it.

Proper documentation of all production procedures is required. Lots of paperwork and regulation add to the cost.

The high demand also adds to the cost.

The good news is that higher prices are attracting more growers.

Easy to Find

Look for organic chocolate, chocolate chips and cocoa in your favorite supermarket, health food store or order it online.

It's rapidly growing in popularity, so it's widely available.

Interested in the latest organic chocolate news?

Organic dark chocolate is a better choice for lots of reasons. Healthier for you and better for the planet. Do we really need anymore reasons? If it's proven to be more nutritious, that will just make it irresistible(r)!

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