A Chocolate Diet...Sort Of

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Nope bittersweet is not all you eat. This chocolate diet is a healthy diet plan. One that encourages you to eat a little dark chocolate a day while you moderate the fat away! 

Yep moderation is the key.

Sounds simple doesn't it? But if you can moderate you probably don't have a weight problem. Right?

Well, this plan is for those of us who do daily (hourly) battle with the urge to splurge. To eat those extra bites that seem so harmless but pack on the pounds.

Never fear help is here! Hershey and the American Dietetic Association have collaborated to bring you The Moderation Nation web site.

The site is designed to aid you in curbing calories with out cutting out all the chocolate.

Hershey's Chocolate Diet

Screamed the magazine cover at the check out lane. I was immediately interested, who wouldn't be?

Lose nine pounds a week? I bought it. The magazine that is, not the story...yet.

I had to read the details. The Woman's World cover had worked its magic on me.

Healthy Diet Plan

The very informative article extolled some of the health benefits of dark chocolate.

According to the article eat a little bittersweet...

  • reduce your appetite-eat 15 percent less at your next meal
  • stop cravings-you feel satisfied instead of deprived
  • block fat-improves levels of fat storage hormones

You can put these benefits to work for you. Lose weight without the usual diet killing downsides.

Chocolate helps you keep your energy up and your cravings down.

But that's just part of the equation.

The Moderation Nation Network Web Site

You still have to moderate your intake and move. That's where the Hershey Company and the American Dietetic Association come in.

They show you how to tie it all together at The Moderation Nation Network site.

The site has several helpful sections...

  • Moderation Lifestyle Section
    1. Offers menu suggestions for singles, families with young children, etc. Painless pointers to help you eat healthier and exercise more.

      Plus a list of events, for all ages, to get you out of your chair and into the fresh air.

  • Moderation Eating Section
    1. Helps you create a balanced meal by suggesting a side dish based on your entree and cooking method.

      And best of all at the bottom of this page there's a link to Hershey's Kitchens light chocolate dessert ideas. Candies, cookies, brownies, etc.

    Looks like TheModerationNation.com can help you achieve a healthy balance with a chocolate diet plan. Plan well and you'll earn a little chocolate and still lose weight.

    Unfortunately, TheModerationNation website no longer exists.  :(   But you can go to Eatright.org and find lots of useful information. 

    You can use it to help you develop your own diet plan that includes a bit of dark chocolate!

    Well it sounds reasonable, doesn't it? Looks like we all need a well thought out and executed diet plan.

    A little bittersweet would make a healthy diet plan more doable. But it would still take effort. Small changes without deprivation could mean success.

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