Hair Removal Waxing Pain Wanes With Chocolate

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Don't want that hair there? Wax it away with less pain. How?

Choose a hair removal wax that contains chocolate extract.

Benefit from the cocoa bean's anti-inflammatory property.

Experience less discomfort (scream less). Enjoy the delicious aroma of chocolate.

Sounds like a much better waxing experience, doesn't it?

Next time you need to remove some unwanted hair do it with chocolate.

Remove Unwanted Hair

Do you look forward to your next waxing? Do you dread the painful removal?

Who doesn't? Not to mention the red irritated skin.

Choose a hair wax that contains cocoa extracts. The natural anti-inflammatory property of chocolate reduces the redness and pain.

Your skin will feel better.

Removal products with the extract are an especially good choice for your delicate skin.

Imagine the soothing aroma of warm chocolate filling your nostrils. That's what happens when you heat the wax.

Experience a little aromatherapy with your waxing. That'll melt away your bad day.

Sounds so appealing it just might help me get over my fear of waxing. Did you ever watch you older sister wax? Turned me against it for life.

But just maybe...

Hair Removal Products

How does a chocolate hazelnut hot wax sound? Tempting, especially when you discover it's nearly pain free.

So says the article I read.

Nicky Findley, in an article on the Bournemouth Echo web site, describes her experience with Chocolate Hazelnut Hot Wax by Lycon.

She says it removes the hair but not your skin. So there's no stinging. It feels similar to removing an adhesive bandage, according to Findley.

What's the secret? Lycon uses a specially formulated wax. Plus an oil is applied before waxing. That oil keeps the wax from sticking to your skin. The wax grips tightly to the hair.

The cocoa extract helps counteract the inflammation reducing the pain. A real benefit for those delicate areas.

Interested in trying it? You'll have to go to a salon or spa.

Might be a little pricey.

Prefer to wax at home? GiGi Milk Chocolate Creme Wax might be a good choice. It actually contains cocoa extract.

Read the label. Some hair removal waxes are chocolate colored or scented. They may not have any beneficial cocoa extract!

Why not make your waxing experience as pleasant as possible? Give a product with chocolate extract a try. Take advantage of the anti-inflammatory property of cocoa while enjoying the awesome aroma.
Create a soothing salon experience at home and save!

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