British Study Finds Another Benefit of Dark Chocolate?

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A promising benefit of dark chocolate for chronic fatigue patients? A very small British study demonstrated that a little dark chocolate a day may keep chronic fatigue at bay.

Ten participants found their symptoms of chronic fatigue improved significantly. And they didn't gain any weight! Of course more studies are needed. So don't self-medicate, consult your physician.

Benefit of Dark Chocolate Study

Ten Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients with severe fatigue were studied by British researchers over a five month period. The study was performed by Hull University and Hull York Medical School.

For two months half the group ate 1.5 ounces of polyphenol-rich dark chocolate a day. It had a cocoa content of 85%.

While the other half of the group ate 1.5 ounces daily of dark chocolate. But this chocolate was dark in color only. It contained no cocoa solids.

Both types of chocolate tasted the same.

They ate no chocolate for two weeks. Then they switched and ate the other type of chocolate for two months.

During the test the chronic fatigue syndrome suffers made no other changes to their diets.

Interestingly, even though the subjects ate 245 more calories per day, they didn't gain any weight.


Eight weeks of eating polyphenol-rich dark chocolate significantly improved the participants symptoms of chronic fatigue.

But the benefits disappeared when they ate the polyphenol-poor chocolate.

Seems a little dark chocolate a day may make your CFS symptoms better. Just make sure it has a high cocoa content or it won't help.

The study shows that you don't have to eat much to see the benefits. So CFS patients can get the benefits without added weight.

Would you like more information on the CFS study?

Looks like chocolate with a high cocoa content may really help to relieve the life altering symptoms of CFS. What a fantastic benefit of dark chocolate, reducing suffering. If the results hold up, chocolate will truly be a super food!

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