Boost Immune System With Chocolate?

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Ahh, the aroma of chocolate.  Boost your immune system with just a sniff.  Or with a fond memory of it's fragrance.

Doesn't even matter what type of chocolate you enjoy. This health benefit is for everyone.

But you will need to drop the guilt associated with chocolate. Seems it's counterproductive. You can improve your health without even eating the chocolate.

Can it really be that simple?

Yes, according to a study published in 1998. Just think cheerful thoughts and/or inhale pleasant scents. 

What better way to do that than with chocolate?

Immune System Study

Can enjoying the little things in life really boost your immune system? The Associates for Research Into the Science of Enjoyment conducted an investigation.

Their method? Expose the test subjects to the aroma of chocolate. Make them drool then test it. Test it for the presence of a specific antibody that defends against respiratory disease.

What did they find? That pleasant thoughts caused a positive change in attitude and enhanced immune response.

In just 20 minutes, there were twice as many of the beneficial antibody detected in the positive thinkers. The immunity boost slowly dwindled but lasted for more than three hours.

But thinking bad thoughts, like feeling guilt over eating chocolate, impaired the immune response.

Tests showed that repulsive smells also caused a decline in the antibody's numbers.

But the researchers concluded that delightful aromas could do the opposite. They give the immune system a boost by prompting an increase in antibody production.

The answer to their question was yes! Ditch the guilt. Enjoy life's little things. Defend your health.


Worry less and you're likely to be healthier. The founder of the research group, Professor Warburton, suggested that it's probably healthier to go ahead and indulge, in moderation, rather than fretting about indulging.

Sounds right to me. So don't let the food police suck all the fun out of life! Drop the guilt and enjoy your chocolate...

  • Eat it-nibble don't gobble
  • Sniff it-let the aroma work its magic
  • Or reflect upon a really great chocolate dessert-power of a pleasant memory

Your body knows what it wants. Give it a little. Reduce your stress and boost your immune system.

Now if someone challenges your chocolate snack, tell them to back off! You've got science on your side!

Here's another way chocolate can boost your immune system.

Thank you Associates for Research Into the Science of Enjoyment! Now all lovers of chocolate can derive a health benefit from their favorite food. Indulge a little and don't worry, be happy just like the song says. Your body will do the rest.

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