Dr. Sharone LOVES Chocolate

by Dr. Sharone Rosen, DC
(Northridge, CA)

In the 1973 sci-fi comedy film, SLEEPER, people in 2173 were appalled to learn that chocolate was not part of a healthy diet at the end of the 20th Century. How backward of us!

This was, at the time, a laugh line. Little did we know how prophetic it was!

As a lifelong chocoholic with an interest in health and nutrition, discovering XOÇAI Healthy Chocolate was a dream come true!

Professionally, my goal is to provide the best in overall health care, starting with gentle chiropractic care for whole body health. Good care includes good nutrition.

We've all been hearing about the health benefits of dark chocolate. But a candy bar made with alkalized cacao powder, carnuba wax and a variety of fillers is not my definition of healthy.

However, chocolate made with unprocessed cocoa and açai berry is another story. These two are the top anti-oxidant foods in the world, AND the main ingredients in the reigning champ of all chocolates, XOÇAI.

This is not candy. This is a nutrition delivery system that tastes amazing. One serving of this chocolate has more anti-oxidants than 12 lbs of tomatoes, 2 lbs. of raspberries or almost 2 lbs. of spinach!

It contains no caffeine, no preservatives, no waxes, no processed sugar and no trans fat. It is high in fiber and packed with disease fighting anti-oxidants. Did I mention delicious?

And, this chocolate is much, much higher in ORAC value (the way anti-oxidants are measured) than MonaVie, Xango, Noni or Gogi juices.

I have patients reporting improved cardio-vascular health and IBS healing. I used to have a gum bleed every time I brushed my teeth.

After I started eating three pieces of this chocolate every day, the bleeds stopped. If it causes that kind of healing in my gums, think of what it's doing to the rest of my tissues!!!

I did not become a chiropractor to be a retailer. I don't sell vitamins, pillows, insoles, orthotics nor exercise bands.

But, when this chocolate nutrition powerhouse came my way I couldn't resist.

If you have any questions, go to my website or give me a call at the office, (818) 341-3435.

I am a happy chocoholic and a happy health care professional. Gotta go. Time for chocolate!

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