Chocolate Post

by Brett Harris
(New Zealand)

Chocolate Post offers a wide range of chocolate for all tastes.
For the dark chocolate lovers we offer the following products by Ocho:

- Ocho Horopito & Kawakawa Dark Chocolate Bar 66%

Spiced ginger notes with cardamom, allspice and a gentle peppery finish.

Ocho is a craft bean-to-bar chocolate maker based in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Being a craft chocolate maker means that Ocho imports the fermented and dried beans and makes the chocolate from scratch.

This includes roasting, grinding, conching and tempering the chocolate before moulding it into bars.

Unlike big industrial chocolate makers they use simple equipment and their processes are very hands-on because none of their equipment is automated.

It's a bit like craft beer compared to mainstream beer companies.

The beans are roasted and processed in small batches so some variations are possible from batch to batch.

They don’t blend any of their chocolate, so each batch is fully traceable back to the farmer co-operative where the beans were grown.

- Ocho Sugar Free Bar 77%

This SUGAR FREE bar is made with a stevia-based product that has zero calories and is very healthy for you.

It has dark berry and red currant notes, with a rich dark chocolate flavour and an underlying cool creaminess.

This is truly a revelation as to how delicious sugar free can be.

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