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Harry and David don't specialize in gourmet chocolate making. They're too busy with their fruit baskets.

But they do focus on a few fine gifts made with cocoa. Truffles, cake, candy, and dark chocolate covered cherries.

Pondering a present?

They've got goodies in baskets and boxes suitable for your favorite chocoholic. Even sugar free.

Plus they ship internationally.

These are the go to guys when you need gourmet gifts.

Dark Chocolate Gift Baskets

Have a need to send a chocolate lover a gift?  New baby in the family or a big promotion? Or did a love one pass away?

Express your feelings with chocolate. Send one of H and D's gift baskets.

Need a gift for the proud new parents? Deliver a baby basket.

What new mother, fresh from labor, wouldn't kill for some chocolate?

Give her the gift of cocoa pastries. Help restore her energy, she's going to need it!

Dad can have the fruit candy and baby gets the stuffed animal.

Somebody excelling at work? Please the promoted one with a basket of baked goods.

Show her how proud you are. Treat her to a tray of chocolate cake and cookies. Plus other goodies.

Have you recently lost a family member, close friend or colleague?

A Harry and David sympathy basket can help. It shows how much you care and the cake and cookies can be served to guests.

Or do you need a basket that sends a different message?


Harry and David have all kinds of baskets!

How about chocolate dipped fresh fruit, wine paired with chocolate, or fresh fruit and gourmet chocolate in a basket?

Maybe just a basket full of fine chocolate?  Or a basket with fruit, chocolate chip cookies and more cookies?

Sounds delicious, eh?

These guy have it.

Sugar Free

Need a gift without sugar?

Harry and David make a sugar-free chocolate gift box. Gourmet dark and milk sugarless candies.

Now you can surprise your sugar restricted friends with a great gift.

They also offer a gift basket and snack tower suitable for the rare non-chocoholic.

Cherry Chocolate

How about some chocolate covered cherries? Yep, they're as delicious as they sound.

Then you'll want the box of bing cherry chocolates. This gift box contains 2 portions of both milk and dark chocolate covered cherries with a pastel coating.

Or if you want a variety of fruit, try the chocolate fruit box. Choose the blueberry, strawberries, peach, and cherry combo.  Or select your two favorites.

Each piece of fruit is covered in milk chocolate or dark chocolate.

They even carry chocolate cherry flavored coffee!

Chocolate Cakes

Do you prefer to let them eat cake? Oh, those lucky devils. But which cake to send or hand deliver? Hmmmm....

Well, for the true chocoholic there's really only one. The dark chocolate decadence cake. Made in their own bakery with all the rich ingredients needed to live up to it's name.

It's described as being so fudgey it's almost not cake. It looks reallllly good.

Ok, so there's another choice for the bittersweet buff. But only if it's her birthday! Chocolate birthday cake. It's all chocolate. Even the birthday decoration is Belgian bittersweet and edible.

They do cupcakes too.

Cheesecake lovers, they haven't forgotten you. Try the party tray with several chocolate offerings.

When you need a chocolate gift, give these guys a gander. They seem to have one for every occasion. Let them do the work. You get the kudos. When you can't be there, your present can.

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