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Barry Callebaut offers gourmet chocolate with benefits. The company uses top ingredients and special processing techniques. 

The result? Quality products with advantages.

Healthy chocolate that tastes great. Now that's a combination worth noting.

That's their claim.

Is it true?

Taste wise, I don't know. But they back up their health claims with lots of research.

Birth of Barry Callebaut

Where did it all begin? In 1996 two chocolate companies melted into one.

The French company, Barry, merged with the Belgian company Callebaut. And a bean to bar producer was born.

The company is headquartered in Switzerland. They're a top supplier of chocolate products to industry and professionals. These makers of gourmet chocolate innovate.

That's great but what do they do for you? Develop special products that taste great and have benefits. They keep the healthy in chocolate.

New Chocolate Process

This gourmet chocolate maker not only aims to satisfy taste. It strives to bring real health benefits.

Their research has resulted in Acticoa™. It's a cutting-edge, polyphenol protecting, process of chocolate making. A less harsh method than the traditional.

The result is delicious chocolate with one of the highest cocoa flavanols levels in the world, according to the company web site.

It's used to make bittersweet treats for the health conscious.

Things like dark chocolate candies, candy bars, chocolate drinks and chocolate covered cherries, cranberries and black currants.

Acticoa™.com claims that their special chocolate/cocoa products combined with a healthy lifestyle...

  • promote healthy skin
  • support memory and concentration
  • aid your cardiovascular system
  • help you fight free radicals

Each claim is backed by numerous scientific studies.

Products made with this special process have been available in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Spain, and the Untied Kingdom since 2005.

More Healthy Chocolate Innovations

This company has developed some functional dark chocolate with health benefits aimed at your...

  • Digestive system-product contains two types of bacteria to keep your gastrointestinal system well
  • Waistline-tastes the same but with more fiber and less sugar, fat and calories
  • Teeth-chocolate made with a new tooth safe sugar, isomaltulose. Endorsed by dentists and mothers
  • Lack of control-volcano chocolate, full of holes, low density. 10 pieces have the same calories as 1 regular piece of chocolate

Most of these products are for use by the chocolate industry. Hopefully, they'll be in a candy coming to store near you. Keep an eye out.

Who wouldn't want to try the volcano candy? That's a dream come true. Ten pieces for the calories of one.

My inner piggy is oinking with delight in anticipation!


If you like to bake a lot, you can purchase Callebaut cocoa, chips and bars in bulk from various web sites.

Starting in 2010, you'll be able to buy dark, marbled and milk chocolate for nibbling, baking or cooking.

These Belgian products are going to be available at fine grocers and specialty food markets in the United States.

No markets like that in your neighborhood? Check the net. I am.

Healthy and tasty don't always go together. But Callebaut claims to be able to blend the two. Dark chocolate candy with fewer calories and less fat that tastes great, I can't wait. Bring the benefits, Barry!

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