Dark Chocolate vs Milk Chocolate? No Contest!

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Dark chocolate vs milk chocolate? Are you kidding me? Milk chocolate is very popular but dark chocolate is healthier!

If you seek health benefits, it's no contest.

It's all about the cocoa content. That's where milk chocolate comes up short.

Dark chocolate is good for you because it contains more cocoa. More antioxidants and less sugar make it a sweet choice for everyone.

What about you?

Do you desire chocolate antioxidants enough to venture outside your comfort zone?

Can you commit to acquiring a taste for dark and healthy chocolate?

Or will you cling to milk chocolate?

Chew this over and then decide.

Dark Chocolate

So why should you consider eating dark chocolate? Health benefits. Dark has more.

Bittersweet chocolate contains...

  • more cocoa = more antioxidants
  • less sugar = fewer carbs
  • more fiber
  • more iron
  • more magnesium
  • more copper

And more chocolate taste! Which might just be too much for you, at first.

But you can learn to like it. Really, you can.

I did. I evolved into a dark chocolate lover. So I know you can too!

How, you ask?  Go low. Start with a dark chocolate bar that has a low cocoa content.  Like the Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate 50% Cocoa bar.

Or if that's still too high, start with a Scharffen Berger Milk Chocolate Bar with 41% cacao. Dark and milky.  Sweet but dark. 

Let your taste buds adjust to richer flavor.

Then sample slightly darker bars.

Work your way up to the best!

Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate's great taste and creamy texture is hard to beat.

So why not just stick with it? Because you'll be denying yourself cocoa's health benefits.

There just isn't enough cocoa to provide enough antioxidants to make a difference.

Little cocoa, plus a higher sugar content and cholesterol add up to a less healthy choice than dark.

On the positive side, the milk in milk chocolate does provide more...

  • protein
  • calcium
  • phosphorous
  • zinc
  • potassium

It also gives it the creamy texture, but at a price. Because it adds cholesterol.

When it comes to dark chocolate vs milk chocolate, you have a decision to make. Which to choose? Dark for the health benefits or milk for the taste? Can't decide? Then try dark milk chocolate. It's a good compromise.

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