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Kids, try this word search with chocolate making equipment clues. Pack up your puzzle solving skills. Sharpen your pencil. It's time for a tour of the tastiest place on the planet!

No permission slips needed. Just a keen mind, a sharp eye and this puzzle. Ready...set...go!

Seek out the names of the machines you might see in a chocolate factory. The type of tools needed to turn cacao into a sweet treat you love to eat!


The clue box below the "building" contains all the hidden words. Search the chocolate workshop. Search carefully. Leave no word undiscovered!

Words in the game can run forwards or backwards. When you find a word circle it or cross it out. Don't forget to cross off each clue too. It's easy. That's all you have to do!

But what exactly do each of those machines do? Glad you asked. Look for a brief explanation below the puzzle.

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Chocolate Making Equipment

Here's a little more information about the machines in the puzzle. If you'd like to see some of them in action, take a look at this video How is Chocolate Made video.

Blenders-accurately combine various types of cocoa beans according to recipe.

Cleaners-remove sticks and other debris from beans.

Conches-grind sweet chocolate paste to give it a silky texture and remove bitterness.

Crackers-break the cocoa beans into pieces or nibs.

Depositors-squirt a precise amount of chocolate onto a conveyor belt.

Enrobers-covers candy center with chocolate.

Extruders-squeeze chocolate through a narrow opening. It's cut into pieces as it exits the machine.

Fanners-cool the chocolate filled molds.

Fillers-fill the molds.

Flakers-cut flakes or curls from chocolate slabs.

Liquor mills-grind cocoa nibs into chocolate liquor (liquid chocolate).

Melanguers-grind sugar and cocoa together into a thick paste.

Melters-liquify blocks of chocolate.

Mills-grind cakes of cocoa into cocoa powder.

Amazing isn't it? Did you have a clue about what they have to do? Making chocolate is harder than it looks. Lots of machines are needed to satisfy the cravings of millions of chocolate lovers.

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