Got to Gather Cocoa Beans to Make Chocolate

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How do cocoa beans get from the tree to the bag? Hard work. This short video shows the steps from picking to packing.

Cocoa beans photo from wikimedia.

These guys make it look easy.

Get a look at a cacao tree in its jungle home in Ecuador. See how the pods are harvested, and processed.

It's like visiting the jungle without all the insects and humidity.

Take this quick trip into the mysterious world of the cacao bean. Get a sense of what it takes to get the chocolate making process started.

You just might appreciate it a little more.

And the many people who endure the difficulties of dark chocolate production.

Video of Cocoa Bean Processing

This video demonstrates the age old process of preparing the beans for chocolate making. It's amazing. The basic process hasn't changed.

Ignore the modern trappings. With a little imagination you can see the ancients harvesting, fermenting, and drying the beans.

Now watch these guys do their thing.

First Step in Making Chocolate

Here's a recap of processing...

  1. Removing pods from cocoa trees
  2. Gathering pods in basket
  3. Opening pods with machete and removing beans
  4. Fermenting beans in pulp under banana leaves in wooden boxes
  5. Drying beans in the sun
  6. Bagging the beans

The cocoa beans are then shipped to chocolate makers around the world.

Some cocoa growing countries don't sell off all their harvest. They turn their homegrown beans into homemade chocolate.

Interested in what happens to the beans next? Watch How is Chocolate Made?

Now you know what it takes to process those precious beans. Only lots of physical labor in a tough environment. That's all that's needed to start the chocolate making process. Don't you feel lucky? All you have to do is buy it!

How about a hearty "gracias" to our hard working friends?

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