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Make your own chocolate cheesecake? It's really easy to do. Once you learn how, you'll forget the factory.

A homemade pie is easier on your budget, too.

You don't even need any expensive kitchen equipment. A mixer makes it easier but isn't necessary.

Plus it tastes great made with a graham cracker crust from the baking aisle.

So grab your favorite brand of cream cheese, semisweet chips, sugar, eggs and vanilla.

Then watch and learn how to make a simple cheese pie. A delicious dessert or a great gift made by you.

Remember the baking temperature listed is measured in Fahrenheit.

Chocolate Cheesecake Video Help

Here's my short instructional video. See how to make the dreamy, creamy treat.

It's always easier to do once you've seen it through.

Creative Commons License Modestly Rude by Rockit_Dogg is licensed under a Attribution (3.0).

Yep, my silky baked pie is a little ugly(duckling) looking when it comes out of the oven. Don't let that deter you.

It really does taste much better than it looks, really! And it does get better looking(swan) as it cools.

Ready to give the pie a try? You'll find the recipe on the cheesecake recipe page. Plus detailed instructions so you can bake this dessert wonder for yourself.

This easy dessert recipe only tastes expensive.  Many people think it's difficult to make but it isn't! Watch the video and learn how to make a great treat.

It's perfect for the dark chocolate lover in you. And your family and friends will love it, if you leave them any!

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